Gothic game cheats

Gothic game cheats

Gothic game cheats

Bloody mode:

Modify the gothic.ini file in the game directory and change bloodDetail 1 to bloodDetail 3


Modify the gothic.ini file in the game directory, change test mode 0 to test mode 1

Press the following keys in the game to get the corresponding effect

[F2]⇒Control Panel
[F5]⇒Fixed viewing angle
[F4]⇒Normal mode
[F3]⇒Window mode
[F8]⇒Full health/mana
[F6]⇒Move perspective
[F7]⇒Switch game area
H⇒ hurt yourself
K⇒ disappear
Game cheats

Note: This cheat requires the v1.07 patch

Press B (press S in the old version) to call up the character’s attribute/ability window, type marvin to open the cheats mode

Then press [F2] in the game to open the console and enter the following cheats:

hurtswampschark⇒Hurt shark
cheat god⇒Invincible mode
cheat full⇒full life
lichtbringer⇒Get quest items
autocomplement⇒Auto complement
load position⇒load position
load game⇒Load game
save⇒Save the game
version⇒Display the game version
goto waypoint⇒Send to waypoint
goto pos⇒Teleport to the castle
insert [item name] ⇒ get item [attached]
goto vob⇒The effect is unknown
create⇒Unknown effect
camera⇒The effect is unknown
aigoto⇒Unknown effect
anifreg⇒Unknown effect
apply randomani⇒The effect is unknown
parerd⇒Unknown effect
remove⇒The effect is unknown
set⇒Unknown effect
soundstat⇒The effect is unknown
Attachment: Item name:

Game bug:


If you get stuck by a texture error, press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F8].

A favorable bug

When jumping from a high enough height to kill, hold down the left or right mouse button to avoid injury. Help save time. I usually press and hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F8], the effect is the same.

Adult game:

Find the file textures_bikini.VDF in the Data directory of the game, rename it or delete it. OK, so the game contains “naked” content, YEAH!

Wall penetration:

We combine a bug example to illustrate.

There was a bug when opening the winch in front of the “Mine Crawlers’ nest”. To avoid it, the method is as follows. According to the task requirements, find two or three Templers (Templer) to the worm den, don’t talk to the guard, save it. Then talk to the guard, turn the winch, and if it doesn’t turn, raise the gear. If it still doesn’t work, you can only cheat.

Press the “s” key to call up the character’s attributes/ability window, type: “marvin” and then press the “s” key. “MARVIN-MODE” will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Stand in front of the fence door and hit the “k” key. The protagonist will take a big step forward and pass through the wall. Do the same when you come out.

Note: This may be successful, but the few temple warriors will not be able to help you kill the insects-blocked by the fence gate-so you have to fight against a large group of mining crawlers. This is the side effect of cheating.

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