Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods game cheats

Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods game cheats

Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods game cheats

How to open cheats:
Tip: Please make a backup before modifying the file!
Go to the game directory Gothic3fsg/Ini to find the ge3.ini file, open it with Notepad, and find
Change to
Save and exit. OK
Game cheats:
Press ~ in the game to open the console and enter the following cheats:
Note: Please replace the # in the cheats with a number.
God⇒Invincible Mode
Invisibility⇒Invisible Mode
fullhealth⇒full life
give Cat_Armor⇒All armor
give Cat_Weapon⇒All weapons
give Cat_Artefact⇒All artifacts
Teach all⇒Learn all skills; status is reduced to 0
Kill⇒Kill the selected target
Give [item name] ⇒ manufacture item
Spawn [item name] ⇒ create item
Give gold #⇒Add money cheats
Give money #⇒Add money cheats
idkfa⇒Obtain all items and skills
Help⇒Show role
control⇒Control role
watch⇒Control the lens
teach STR #⇒Set strength value
teach DEX #⇒Set flexibility (hunting skills)
teach INT #⇒Set information (ancient knowledge)
teach ALC #⇒Set alchemy skills
teach SMT #⇒Set smith skill
teach THF #⇒Set thief skills
teach HP #⇒Set HP
teach MP #⇒Set the magic value
teach SP #⇒Set energy value
teach LP #⇒Set research point

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