Gothic 3 all game cheats

First of all: please find the file ge3.ini first
Location: Ini folder in your Gothic III installation folder

Open it with a text editor (example: Notepad) and find the line TestMode=true
true = enable secret
false = close secret
After setting it to open, enter the game and press the \”∼\” key on the keyboard to enter the secret skills! !

Quick key secret:
This kind of secret technique can be done by pressing the shortcut key. You don’t need to press the \”∼\” key first, but it is easy to press it by mistake, so I recommend turning it off if nothing happens.

F1 Make Snapshot
F2 Toggle Fullscreen switch full screen
F3 Toggle RenderMode switch display mode
F6 Accelerate/brakes the play time
F7 OnPlayerToggleSloMo player slow motion
F8 Reset Player player reset
F12 Quit Application Quit the game

NUM 7 OnIncEnclaveTheftCount
NUM 8 OnIncEnclaveMurderCount These 3 are used to reduce the value, from top to bottom, theft, murder, crime
NUM 9 OnIncPoliticalCrimeCount

LEFT CTRL+S Toggle Global Stats switch all values
LEFT CTRL+M Toggle Memory Statistics switch memory status
RIGHT CTRL+M Memory Statistics Snapshot Memory status snapshot

LEFT CTRL+NUM 1 Toggle AvS Solid
LEFT CTRL+NUM 2 Toggle AvS Object Overdraw
LEFT CTRL+NUM 3 Toggle AvS Pixel Overdraw
LEFT CTRL+NUM 4 Toggle Performance Solid
LEFT CTRL+NUM 5 Toggle Performance Object Overdraw
LEFT CTRL+NUM 6 Toggle Performance Pixel Overdraw
LEFT CTRL+O Toggle Object Overdraw
LEFT CTRL+P Toggle Pixel Overdraw
LEFT CTRL+C Toggle Color Mapping
LEFT CTRL+U Toggle Solid Plus Wireframe
LEFT CTRL+R Toggle Rays
LEFT CTRL+Q Collision Shapes
LEFT CTRL+E Cycle Postprocessing
LEFT CTRL+I Cycle Lightningmodes
LEFT CTRL+L Cycle Moving Light
∼These are all screen display modes

LEFT CTRL+G View Gamekeys Display game keys

LEFT CTRL+F4 Pause Game Pause Game

LEFT CTRL+F Control Focus
LEFT CTRL+W Watch Focus
LEFT CTRL+SPACE Toggle Editor switch editor
LEFT CTRL+V Toggle Vegetation switch plants
SHIFT+S Toggle SpeedTree switch acceleration (a technology to accelerate the graphics card)
LEFT CTRL+B Toggle Bounding Boxes Toggle Bounding Boxes? ?

LEFT CTRL+PAGE UP Goto Camera where the forward perspective is
LEFT CTRL+INSERT Free Camera Free view
LEFT CTRL+HOME Fixed Camera Free view
LEFT CTRL+K Beam Player Forward Player forward
LEFT CTRL+SCROLL Single Step Step by step? ?
LEFT CTRL+H Goto Startposition Go to the start position
LEFT CTRL+A Toggle AI Debug switch debug mode

LEFT CTRL+R Profile All Show all data
LEFT CTRL+N View Navigation
LEFT CTRL+N+P Pause Navigation Pause navigation
LEFT CTRL+N+M Reset Navigation Reset trip

LEFT CTRL+H+CURSOR LEFT Move Start Nav Point Left Move start point to the left
LEFT CTRL+H+CURSOR RIGHT Move Start Nav Point Right Move start point to the right
LEFT CTRL+H+CURSOR UP Move Start Nav Point Up Move start point up
LEFT CTRL+H+CURSOR DOWN Move Start Nav Point Down Move start point down

LEFT CTRL+J+CURSOR LEFT Move Goal Nav Point Left Move the target point to the left
LEFT CTRL+J+CURSOR RIGHT Move Goal Nav Point Right Move the target point to the right
LEFT CTRL+J+CURSOR UP Move Goal Nav Point Up Move the target point up
LEFT CTRL+J+CURSOR DOWN Move Goal Nav Point Down Move the target point down
LEFT CTRL+0 Walk Animation Mixing


Code secrets:

After pressing the \”~\” key, enter the following password

god invincible mode, unlimited mana and health
fullhealth reply to life
idkfa players get all items/skills

audio.fAmbientVolume Set the surrounding area
audio.fEffectVolume set a limited range
audio.fMasterVolume Set the master volume
audio.fMusicVolume Set music volume
audio.fVoiceVolume Set the dialog volume

camera.fAziSpeedScale scales the azimuth angle velocity around target (default: 1.0f)
Set the angular velocity of the target
camera.fElevSpeedScale scales the elevation angle velocity around target (default: 1.0f)
Set target elevation velocity
camera.fFieldOfView toggles the camera\’s field of view (default:90)
Switch viewing field
camera.fMaxDistToPlayer sets the maximum clamped distance to the player
Set the maximum distance the player can suppress (??)
camera.fMoveSpeed ​​sets the movement speed of the free camera (default: 300.0f)
Set free view movement speed
camera.fMoveSpeedAccel sets the movement speed modificator if pressed [SHIFT] (default: 3.0f)
Set the moving speed (press shift)
camera.fMoveSpeedDeccel sets the movement speed modificator if pressed [CTRL] (default: 0.5f)
Set the moving speed (press ctrl)
camera.fRelaxCamera sets the camera pos relax factor
Set the viewing angle position (??)
camera.fRelaxDist sets the camera dist relax factor
Set the viewing angle distance (??)
camera.fRelaxFOV sets the camera fov relax factor
Set fov (???)
camera.fRelaxPlayer sets the player pos relax factor
Set player position (??)
camera.fRelaxXAxis sets the camera x axis relax factor
Set the viewing angle X axis
camera.fRelaxYAxis sets the camera y axis relax factor
Set viewing angle Y axis
camera.SetMode sets the current camera mode
Set current viewing angle mode
camera.ShowPosition shows the current position of the camera
Show the current view position
camera.ToggleModeChange enables or disables the mode changes of the camera
Allow or disable viewing angle changes

changes the EnterProcessing range, must be greater than the processing range
The scope of the change must be larger than the original

changes the processing range, must be smaller than the EnterProcessingRange
The scope of the change must be smaller than the original

caps.FarClippingPlane changes far clipping plane
Change the size of the distant plane
caps.FarClippingPlaneLowPoly changes far clipping plane for lowpoly mesh
Change the low material plane
Global property for visual mesh lodding: Change all materials
1.0f = default value
> 1.0 use only for high end systems, greater than 1 for high end systems
<1.0 for slower machines> 1 for low-performance computers

caps.RenderDebug toggles rendering of entity debug infos
Switch output debugging information
Simple distance screen metric object distance culling used. Culls all objects under threshold
Screen object distance
compile navigation (re-)compiles the navigation scene!
Recompile image
console.font defines the font of the output window
Define the output window font
console.dimy defines the y height of the console in pixel (default 250)
Define Y height
console.dimx defines the x width of the console in pixel (default: renderer width)
Define X width
console.posy defines the y pos of the console in pixel (default 0)
Define Y position
console.posx defines the x pos of the console in pixel (default:0)
Define X position
console.filterlevel defines the spy filter level (default 5)
Define the level of spy detection
console.outputlines defines the number of buffered output lines in the console (default: 5000)
Define the number of buffers
colorscheme choose next color scheme
Choose the next plan
control controls the given entity or the focus/editor entity if no name given (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+F)
Control lock target
DebugShowDiffMem shows memory diff output in zspy and traceview
Display memory difference
DebugShowMem shows memory output in zspy and traceview
Display memory output
DisablePrefetcher Disables prefetcher Close prefetcher
EnablePrefetcher Enable prefetcher Open prefetcher
dispose disposes items from the inventory

Prints all active gamekeys and debug-actions on screen (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+G)
Output all game buttons and debug on the screen

edit edits the current entity

focus.ShowTA() toggles the focus ai debug mode (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+A)
Switch debug mode
game.bTestMode toggles the testmode on or off, 0: off, 1: on (default:1)
Switch test mode
game.Chat() start an irc chat session Open IRC chat channel
game.ForceCrash guess what! There may be a crash
game.ForceFloatException causes a floating point exception!
game.SetTime Sets the World Time
game.ShowVersion prints out the current game version
game.WatchFPS opens a statistic control with fps output display fps value

give places an instance of the given item in the player\’s inventory
goto beams player and camera to the given entity teleport the player or perspective
gotocamera beams player to camera position (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+PAGE UP)
Teleport the player to the point of view
cycles through all lightning modes (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+I)
Switch all ightning modes

cycles through all moving light modes (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+L)
Switch all moving light modes

set the lightning to pixel hemisphere mode
Set hemisphere lighting mode

illumination.SetSimpleLightning set the lightning to simple mode
Set lighting to normal mode
set the lightning to vertex hemisphere mode
Set material hemisphere lighting mode

set the lightning to vertex hemisphere mode
Set material hemisphere lighting mode

kill kill the target
music.bEnableAutoUpdate Turn on or off automatic update
music.bEnableTriggers Turn on or off the trigger device
music.sDayTime set day
music.sLocation set location
music.sSituation Set climate

PhysicFPS steps the physicscene at [n] fps Set the fps value of the physical state
physics.dToggleActorAxes Toggles the visualization of the axes of the physic actors
Switch the clarity of the physical angle
physics.dToggleBodyAxes Toggles the visualization of the axes of the bodies of the physic actors
Switch the sharpness of the object angle
Toggles the visualization of the contact forces acting on the bodies of the physic actors
Switching the clarity of profitability
play ani syntax: play ani [a1] [a2] [ib] [name] plays the ani [a1] to [a2] with optional blending [ib]
Same syntax as above

sets the maximum forward speed of the player in m/sec (default: 300.0)
Set the player’s maximum forward speed

beams the player to the starting point (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+H)
Teleport to the player start point
spawn spawns an instance of the given entity name
trigger triggers the given entity or the focus/editor entity if no name given
trigger event
version prints the engine version
quit closes the application\’s window
history prints the history of entered commands displays the commands that have been entered
help prints a help line for each command display help for the command.
clear clears the console output

Toggles the visualization of the mass-axes of the bodies of the physic actors
Switch the clarity of the material axis

Shows ray debug lines (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+R)
Show debug line

physics.dToggleStatistics Shows some physics debug output
Show physical debug
starts a remote debugging session on the target machine [localhost], if nothing entered
Start debugging mode on the remote machine

show position display the current camera position
Show the current view position
spy.AddComment adds a comment line in the spy
Add comment
Toggles global scene-debug-output (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+S)
Switch the overall window debug output

teach teaches the specified spell(s) and/or skill(s)
Teaching skills
timer.fTimeScale sets the time scale value (default: 1.0)
Set scale value
toggle memdebug tests the memory for corruptions (SLOW!)
Test memory
untrigger untriggers the given entity or the focus/editor entity if no name given
Eliminate a given thing
view.dShowLabels() visualizes all relevant label psets
view.dShowLights() visualizes all relevant light psets
view.dShowNavigation() visualizes all relevant navigation psets (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+N)

controls the given entity or the focus/editor entity if no name given (assigned to key: LEFT CTRL+W)
Control target

world.ToggleFolder enables or disables the given sector-folder
world.ToggleSector enables or disables the given sector

The following are unknown:


Summon item secret skills:
Use give or spawn

give: The item will appear in the equipment slot (cannot be used to summon NPCs or large items)
spawn: The item appears in front of the player
Add a little trick

Use secret technique to learn skills, for example, learn the secret technique of giant weapon three as follows

teach It_Perk_Axe_3

You can open a plain text file, type the secret skills you want and copy (ctrl + c)

After entering the game, press \’~\’ to open the password input and paste it directly (ctrl + v) and press enter

It’s ok, of course, some skills and magic that need to be met before certain conditions are met.

Even using secret techniques will not succeed


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