God of War Chains of Olympus Game Cheats (PSP)

Press and hold the square button, the protagonist will hit twice and then dash forward, and press the square again to knock people into flight
Hold down the triangle button, the protagonist will hit twice and hit the enemy into the sky, and the protagonist will also fly into the air, so that you can use “L+square” to make additional blows

Buttons and skills description:
Cube: basic attack, double-click to make a series of combos
Triangle: Heavy hit, double-click to make a series of combos, the last hit is a heavy hit, knocking down people around.
Cha Cha: Jump  , can jump twice
Circle: Special keys, functions such as picking up things, carts, archery, opening mechanism, BOSS last skill kill start key, etc. . .
L key: hold down defense
R key: Magic start key, press and hold the triangle to cast magic, and cast it in the air
L + cube: a dazzling two-handed full-court spin-cut combo
L+Cross: A forward charge and provoked a person, and the provoked person caused a stiff flight and an additional attack
After jumping up + blocks and triangles can attack
After jumping up, L + cube: automatic rotary cutting similar to the ground
After jumping up, L + cross: one-handed spin and one hand
PS: The actual attack collocation is very flexible. As long as you operate well, the above skills can be connected one by one, or even connected all the time.

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