Goat Simulator game cheats

Goat Simulator game cheats

Goat Simulator game cheats

Press ~ in the game to open the console and enter:
god⇒God goat haha
allweapons⇒All weapons
allammo ⇒ all ammunition
loaded⇒All weapons and ammunition
fly⇒Can fly (flight mode)
ghost⇒Ghost mode (cannot be touched)
walk⇒Exit airplane mode (turn to normal)
playersonly⇒Similar to pause the game, only players can move
slomo #⇒Slow motion mode
# Is a number, 1 is normal. >1 becomes faster, <1 becomes slow
addbots #⇒to increase computer people # is a number
killbots⇒Kill computer people
behindview⇒switch third-person view
setres #⇒default 640×480
fov #⇒View angle, default 90
shot⇒In-game screenshot

1. The console commands of Goat Simulator are obtained by player testing and are not officially provided.

2. You can press the up or down key of the keyboard to quickly enter the cheat instructions you have entered before.

Display mode:
For rendering and performance related commands, press ~ to enter:

viewmode lit
viewmode unlit
viewmode wireframe
viewmode lightingonly
viewmode lightcomplexity
viewmode texturedensity
viewmode shadercomplexity
viewmode (return to normal without parameters)
Performance/frame rate:
Press ~ to input and display some commands in the game:

stat fps
stat scenerendering
stat memory
stat engine
Show commands
show collision
show bsp
show staticmeshes
show postprocess
show particles
show foliage
show rigidbody
Other commands:
Press ~ to enter:

Go to the back of the building (Yangcheng Bay) and there will be a slot machine. Press pow several times, which is very easy to use. (It’s the building where the Sonic Sheep unlocks the ground upstairs)

New tricks for card bugs:
First enter a relatively narrow place with ordinary sheep, and then change to large sheep (stone sheep, giant whale sheep, etc.) and then they will fall off.

Unlock the school goat:
The first is to cheer the sheep: lick the darker one on the playground to the fork next to it. The special feature of Cheering Sheep can turn anyone into a cheerleader

The second one is that the stone sheep is very simple: there is a bell on the top of the stairs behind the school. Special function, rolling rolling (if you can’t get it, you can jump up and get it)

The third one is the art sheep: the painting at the entrance of the prom is full. Special function: You can bounce up when you jump from a high altitude.

The fourth goat is the ball goat: entering the ball will push the people on the stage. Special function: put a crown on anyone’s head.

The last hexagonal sheep: There are two men with wizard hats behind the school and just push those two men. Special function: Turn anyone into an animal.

Hidden island:
There is a building in front of the place of birth, and there is a small shop under the building with a slot machine, and then through the small shop, there is a small boat, get on the small boat, it will automatically sail, and then it will take you to On a small island, there is also a golden sheep

Towel sheep’s eggs:
I found some colored eggs on the towel sheep (pressing pow will summon the sperm whale). The towel on the back of the towel says “42”, and pressing pow will summon the sperm whale. In fact, this is a tribute to the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by the game maker. 42 represents the answers to life in the universe and everything. Sperm whales are the life forms that appear in this book, and aliens are the core of the whole book.


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