Glorious Mission game cheats

Glorious Mission game cheats

Glorious Mission game cheats

Press ~ in the game to open the console, enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:
open⇒Join the game
(Note: there is a space between open and IP)
(x represents your external network IP)
say xxxxxxx⇒Global broadcast speak
(Xxxx stands for what you want to say)
Addbots⇒This add computer BOT
stat net⇒View ping
stat FPS⇒View the number of frames
FOV 120⇒Modify the field of view
(Recommended to be 90)
BEHINDVIEW 1⇒Switch to third-person view
BEHINDVIEW 0⇒Switch to first-person view
STAT NONE⇒Turn off statistics
SETNAME [playername]⇒This change of name or nickname
switchTeam 0⇒switch team to red
switchTeam 1⇒switch team to blue
showHUD⇒Remove the HUD such as health bar and ammunition display

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