Gears of War game cheats

First find the WarInput.ini in \My Documents\My Games\Gears of War for Windows\WarGame\Config, remember to back it up first, open it with notepad, and find


Then change the corresponding code to the following


Save and enter the game, press ~ to open the console, enter the following corresponding cheat code

Grenade ammo quantity set WarfareGame.Weap_Grenade magsize <number>
Machine gun ammunition set WarfareGame.Weap_AssaultRifle magsize <number>
Set warfaregame.weap_locustpistol magsize <number>
Orc machine gun ammunition set warfaregame.weap_locustassaultrifle magsize <number>
Shotgun ammunition amount set warfaregame.weap_shotgun magsize <number>
Set WarfareGame.Weap_SniperRifle magsize <number>
Pistol ammunition set warfaregame.weap_cogpistol magsize <number>
Bow and arrow ammunition set WarfareGameContentWeapons.Weap_Bow magsize <number>
Baird HP set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGBaird DefaultHealth <number>
Carmine HP set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGCarmine DefaultHealth <number>
Cole HP set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGGus DefaultHealth <number>
Dom HP set WarfareGame.Pawn_COGDom DefaultHealth <number>
Marcus HP set WarfareGame.Pawn_COG Marcus DefaultHealth <number>
Minh HP set WarfareGameContent.Pawn_COGMinh DefaultHealth <number>

Just change <number> to the number you want.

An easier way is to generate a text file in \My Documents\My Games\Gears of War for Windows\Binaries, such as cheat.txt, and write the cheat code you want to open, such as the following

set WarfareGame.Weap_Grenade magsize 9999
set WarfareGame.Weap_AssaultRifle magsize 9999
set warfaregame.weap_locustpistol magsize 9999
set warfaregame.weap_locustassaultrifle magsize 9999
set warfaregame.weap_shotgun magsize 9999
set WarfareGame.Weap_SniperRifle magsize 9999
set warfaregame.weap_cogpistol magsize 9999
set WarfareGameContentWeapons.Weap_Bow magsize 9999
set WarfareGame.Pawn_COGMarcus DefaultHealth 99999
Rocket ammunition set WarfareGameContentWeapons.Weap_Boomer magsize <number>

Save, enter the game, open the console and enter the exec file name.txt. Using the example above is exec cheat.txt, you can easily open the required cheat code.

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