Gangsters game cheats

Gangsters game cheats

Gangsters game cheats

Get: $50,000

Enter I LOVE HANSON in the “Lieutenant” section (note: capitalized) to get: $50,000

Gang gets $3000

Hold D, A, R, T at the same time = gang gets $3000

Secret technique

Run the regidit program, find “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” → “SOFTWARE” → “HOTHOUSE” → “GANSTERS”, change the value of the label “DEFAULT_MONEY” to the number you want, and restart the game. among them:

DEFAULT_MONEY: Set the amount of money at the beginning;

DEFAULT_HOODS: Set the number at the beginning;

DEFAULT_TERRITORY: Set the number of companies to be extorted at the beginning.

Note: The other gangs are also the same as yours.

Free business

In the “Gang Organizer”, go to the city map, submit information in any business, and move the mouse back and forth on the box until a “Return to base” appears. After clicking, the business is yours, if you like , You can also sell it, and the cash will be transferred directly to your property. You can also wait until next week to send someone to start this business.

Add $3000 to “Gangs”

In the “Lieutenant” section of the “gang organizer”, press D+A+R+T on the screen to make each “gang” get $3000.

Get props easily (Properties hereinafter referred to as P)

“Extort” some p (this should not be a problem, if they think you will pay), after that week, check the map and double-click the P of your “Extort”, there will be a shop with information about the owner of the item Move the mouse closer to the picture, and the mouse pointer will change shape. Click and those P will become yours. Don’t forget to send someone to run the place in the next week

Free items

Go to the “Lieutenant” section of the “gang organizer” and open the menu of the car (Cars). Next, pay attention to enter the “Black Market” instead of clicking on the vehicle you want. When the price bar appears, drag it quickly Drag the car type of your choice from the “Black Market” page to the picture on the “Lieutenant” side. If you do this process fast enough, then the car will be yours (of course it’s free and you won’t be asked to pay). This method is also suitable for guns, but not for recruited hoods. After each use of this method, (regardless of success or failure) you need to exit the “Black Market” and re-enter.

Easy victory

Enter the game first to save the progress, and send all the men to explore the opponent’s headquarters. The approximate location is on the map corresponding to your headquarters. Find one, write down the coordinates, read the progress, and repeat until you find it. The headquarters of the three opponents.

Then act.

The first week:

1. Send out the three worst subordinates and go straight to the coordinates you wrote down in three ways to find out the headquarters of the three opponents. However, it is best to open a small window to control them. Don’t let them enter the opponent’s headquarters. When the headquarters sign showed up, he immediately dismissed his mission and asked him to go home to avoid being killed.

2. Send the best two people to find a lawyer to prepare for the acquisition of the police. The rest, good or bad, are sent out to recruit, don’t rush to blackmail, lest (Suspicion) rise.

The second week:

1. Equip two groups of men (four people in each group) with weapons and cars. Click on Violent Crimes and select Kill, then click on Clipborst and select Gang Menbers to find out the godfather of the opponent you want to attack.

2. Give the lawyer a car and let him go to employ the police at the place where you want to work, so as not to fight with the police.

3. Kill the enemies outside the house first, let two groups of people enter the opponent’s headquarters at the same time to kill.

In this way, you can kill two opponents in one week, and the remaining one, you can play with him slowly! If you kill three, the result will be…

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