FusionFall cheats

FusionFall cheats

FusionFall cheats

Rare Nanos

Princess bubblegum nano: ffcnerdybutsweet

moridecai: ffcyeeeeeaaaahhh

darwin: ffcfunnygoldfish

gumball: ffcmisadventurer

rigby: ffcdeathpunchies


(must be past training to open the ball they are in)

Cheats and Codes

To enable cheat codes, log in and go to My Account. Then click “Redeem Code”. Do what it says and you can enter one of these codes:

batpackfeb09 : Cryptid Backpack

ffcfourarmspower : Four Arms Bubblehead Helmet

ffcforestphantom : Friskerton Bubblehead Helmet

ffcben10dinosaur : Humongousaur Bubblehead Helmet

ffccryptidhunter : Zak Saturday Bubblehead Helmet


Run Non-stop

While running press “home” on your keyboard and you will continue running non-stop.


How To Get Chowder,johnny,titan,zak Saturday,amphibian Nano

To get chowder go to him and do the mission. To get titan talk to octus in habitat homes. To get johnny talk to him in nuclear plant. To get zak saturday talk to him at mount blackhead. And to get amphibian talk to dexter in dexlabs.


How To Beet Up A Level 24, And Your On Level 14

When you have nano Blue select his burp power, The burp power stop’s the enemy and the enemy does nothing, You will need some nano’s that hurt enemy’s, And that’s how you do it.



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