Freelancer game cheats

Freelancer game cheats

Freelancer game cheats:
Find PerfOptions.ini in the directory My DocumentsMy GamesFreelancer, and open it with Notepad. turn up


Change to


On the contrary, if it is changed to DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 2.00, the difficulty becomes greater.

Pirate Base

There is a pirate base near New York, you can follow the path to find it:

Norfolk Shipyard==>Texas Jumpgate, then go to the E6 and E7 areas. Adjust the radar screen to “All” status, you will find “Buffalo Base” appears on the radar list.

1. Don’t get stuck with the pirates, so that you can buy the unique “TITAN” spacecraft at the pirate base of the “OMICRON-GAMMA” galaxy.

2. In the “OMICRON” “GAMMA” and “ALPHA” galaxies, there is an “unknown” jumping hole, which can lead to the star system of alien clusters. Here are the “NOMAD” battleships that have been encountered. “Energy Cannon” and “Energy Blast Cannon” are powerful weapons that consume energy.

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