Freelancer buy titan gaming strategy

Can only be bought after the battle

because the level requirements are very high~

First, let’s start from the very beginning~


to SONSHU to SIGMA-19, it is easy to get here~ there are trade routes to go~ soon~

I’m going to fly next~

There is a jump point at E-6 of SIGMA-19 (E-6 is the coordinates on the map~), and there is a jump hole in the F-6 area here (Khan~ this is the search It’s been a long time~) From this jump hole to OMICRON THETA~ Don’t worry~ I have to go class~ Ha ha~

Come again` There is a jumping hole in the E-6 area here, you can reach OMICRON GAMMA~

has finally arrived~hehe~ there is a planet at E-6 again~ there is the legendary invincible TITAN fighter here~ hehe~ I found a hard class~

I finally bought a plane, equipped with good things, and set off to the F-2’s NUKNOWN galaxy~ There are aliens around~ If it’s broken, you can find a cannon without energy.

Little cheats
1. Don’t get stuck with the pirates, so as to purchase the so-called unique “TITAN” spacecraft at the pirate base of the “OMICRON-GAMMA” galaxy.

2. In the “OMICRON” “GAMMA” and “ALPHA” galaxies, there is an “unknown” jumping hole, which can lead to the star system of alien clusters. Here are the “NOMAD” battleships that have been encountered. “Energy Cannon” and “Energy Blast Cannon” are powerful weapons that consume energy.

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