Freedom Fighters game cheats

1. Find the “freedom.ini” file in the game installation directory (please make a backup in advance, in case of accidents), and add the following commands in it:

  EnableConsole 1

   Then enter the game, press the “~” key to call out the console, and then enter various commands:

   giveall-get all weapons

  God 1 -Invincible

  Infammo-unlimited ammo

  Invisible 1 -invisible

  IOIAMMO-Unlimited ammo

  IOISHOTGUN-Get a shotgun

  IOISNIPER-Get a sniper rifle

  IOIBLIND-the enemy can’t see you


  IOICHARISMA-full charisma

  IOIRIFLE-Get a rifle

  IOIROCKET-Get the rocket launcher

  IOIHGUN-Get a heavy machine gun


  IOIFASTMO-fast mode

  IOISLOWMO-slow mode

   2. Enter a new scene

   Complete the game once on any difficulty to enter “Liberty Island”

   3. Use the sewer

  Using the sewer, you can reach multiple locations in the level, and you can go back to the previous level

  4. Combat tips

   If the battle is difficult, pay attention to use the entourage around you, they will cover you well

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