Free Realms cheats

Free Realms cheats

Free Realms cheats

Big Head Little Head
Here are the cheats: /absnbd and /omglilimh on the chat line.

More Fun
If you want to go all the way with your adventures and can’t be a member then go buy a 5 dollar gift card this give you 500 station cash which you can trade in for a one month membership.

Easy Cash And Lots Of Fun
To get easy cash just play a round of demolition derby and place 4th and up you’ll always get 100 coins or more plus its a lot of fun smashing in to people.

Big Air
When your on the launch pads try switching jobs to see what type of spinning move you’ll use.

Easy Up
If you want to level up your job then go to the daily games on the welcome screen. You’ll see lots of mini-games, go to the bottom above the speech bar and click the activities finder. Then all the jobs will fill up a list pick the job you want to level up and it will automatically start a new quest for you.




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