First Battalion game cheats

First Battalion game cheats

First Battalion game cheats

During the game (single player mode), press ~ to display the console and enter the following cheats [Enter] to confirm the corresponding effect:
tank.immortal [0 or 1]⇒Invincible mode
help⇒List all console commands
tank.ammo [0 or 1]⇒Unlimited ammo
tank.speed [0 or 1]⇒Set tank speed
tank.easydriving [0 or 1]⇒Easy driving mode
tank.carsteering [0 or 1]⇒Car operation mode
tank.activate [0 or 1]⇒ Tank debugging
For example: tank.immortal [0 or 1]


1. Enter tank.immortal 1 to enter invincible mode

2. Enter tank.immortal 0 to exit the invincible mode

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