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Props unlimited cheats

After getting the W-item magic stone in the second half of the game, use the W-item command in battle. You can choose the item for the first time, and for the second time, you can choose the item you want to add (only the items that can be used in the battle are valid!), when you select the target to use, press “Cancel”, and then press “OK” “, repeated use can increase the number of items to 99.

How to raise gold walking bird (Chocobo)

The golden walking bird is the best among walking birds. It can go up and down the mountain and water. The most important thing is that you can ride the golden walking bird until the Knight Of Round (the strongest summon gem, cut 12 different substances to the enemy! !), Quadrtic Magic (you can use the same magic four times, but only use MP once), Mime (learn the actions of the last team last time), HP=MP (that is, where HP and MP are swapped), because you It is impossible for the Highwind to land on that kind of island, but only the golden walking bird can. How to raise golden walking birds: First, you must have Chocobo Lure (buy at Chocobo Farm) before you can meet walking birds. Then buy a space for walking birds with the owner of the walking bird farm, one cost $60,000. You can buy up to six. Then go to Chocobo Sage, which is in the middle generation to the north. It’s easy to find, just a house and a small piece of grass. The best Green (feed) you can buy with him is the one at $5000. At this time, he must walk around his house, install the Steal gem, and when he encounters a red dragon, keep stealing it until the Carbon Nut is stolen (to steal a few more).

On the left side of Iceland, there are the footprints of some walking birds. Go and catch a few walking birds to come back. When you catch them, press Cancel and select Send to farm to call the walking birds back to the farm. Go back and choose Moving Chocobo with the Billy boy. If he says it is Great Chocobo or Wonderful Chocobo, he must keep a Wonderful Chocobo. Then go to the Chocobo Race in Gold Sausue, race your walking birds to grade A or grade S (preferably both grade S), and take the two walking birds caught for the first time (both grades) (Above A) mating with Carbon Nut will usually give birth to a green one. If it is not green, use Load/Save again until you get a green one. Next, go to the Chocobo Race place in Gold Sausue, change the green walking bird to level A or higher, go out to kill the monster, upgrade to two levels, and return to the walking bird farm with green and yellow (the walking birds must be level A or above) ). Now you should have a black walking bird, and… the rest is up to you to comprehend it. By the way, if you want a golden walking bird, you also need a Wonderful Chocobo.

Mystery gift

There is a roller coaster game in the GOLD SAUCES. During the game, you will see a yellow spaceship. As long as you hit its passenger compartment, you can get ten thousand points. After playing, you can exchange for mysterious gifts.

In the Chocobo race, players only need to continue to win the S-class Chocobo, and after a while, the receptionist will give you a lot of gifts.

Treasure Digging

When digging the moon harp in BONE VILLAGE, don’t ask the workers at first, choose Done immediately. Then, where the protagonist points, the workers will dig where, so that you can dig the moon harp quickly and accurately. The location of the moon harp is approximately near the upper white smoke. This trick is also suitable for digging other treasures.

Credit card with unlimited money

In the first town (Manchria), walk to a house at the top right corner of the map. When you stand in front of the clock, press the X key and you will get a credit card. Use this card until you run out of money, and then ask for the card again according to the above method. This time he will give you a credit card with unlimited amount, so you don’t have to worry about money anymore.

Copy items

By using W items (items that can be used by a person twice in a row), the items can be increased all the time. After the W items are equipped, enter the battle, choose an item to be copied, such as herbal medicine, use herbal medicine for the first time , Select another item in the second use, press Cancel, then press Enter, and then press Cancel…until there is enough quantity for that item. This may be a bug in the game (except for magic stones).

A super stunt with 702,000 points of attack in a round:

The author’s in-depth analysis of the PC version of “Final Fantasy VII” has reached the point of crazy (almost). Game fans have lived up to their efforts, and finally found some stunts that are of great help to customs clearance-702000 points of attack skills in a single round, “magic spar eggs” and some kind of cheats for getting some hard-to-get items. I will share with you here. .

The magic spar in “Final Fantasy Ⅶ” is divided into 5 colors according to the following:

Red (RED): Referred to as R, summons magic spar.

Yellow (YELLOW): Y for short, command magic spar.

Blue (BLUE): referred to as B, auxiliary magic spar.

Green (GREEN): G for short, magic magic spar.

Pink (PINK): abbreviated as P, strengthening magic spar.

The following points should be mastered:

1. When the experience of the magic spar grows to the MASTER level, a new inexperienced magic spar will be “born”.

2. The “Round Table Warrior” summoned the magic spar (R) on a circular island in the upper right corner of the map a little to the left. The island is not marked on the map, and you must use the three-purpose scooter (golden yellow) to reach it. The mating method of the three-purpose mobility bird is as follows:

On the island at the bottom right of the map, catch a few yellow scooters rated as “GREAT” and use them as “CARBONUT” for male and female respectively (this item can appear in the “red” on the grass outside the house of the “Sage”. “Dragon” was stolen from the “STEAL” magic spar, or it can be exchanged for 500 GP in the playground) to give birth to a green travel bird (which can walk in the mountains) and a blue travel bird (which can be Walking in the shallow sea), they must be of different genders. Then use these two transport birds with “CARBONUT” to give birth to black transport birds (if you can’t give birth to black transport birds, please feed them 10 to 25 “SYLKISGREENS” bought from the “Sage of transport birds”, this kind of grass asks for the price 5000 GIL. Then go to the playground to race with other scooters, and win three games will be upgraded to one level. These two scooters will be upgraded to A-level and then use “CARBONUT” to give birth to black scooters.) Go north again. To catch a yellow scooter evaluated as “WONDERFUL” in the snow, you must have a different sex from your black scooter. Use this yellow scooter with your black scooter with “ZEIONUT” (this item can only be stolen from the goblin in the woods on the northwestern island with the “STEAL” magic spar.) to breed golden yellow The three-purpose travel bird (can walk in mountains, shallow seas and deep seas.)

W-Summon Magic Quartz (Y) Summon twice: One round can be used to summon Magic Quartz twice.

W-MAGIC magic spar (Y) two magic: One round can use magic 2 times in a row.

QUADRAMAGIC magic spar (B) magic 4 hits: equip it with a magic spar (G) or summoned magic spar (R). When using this magic or summoned beast (except the round table warrior), Will use magic spar (G) or summon magic spar (R) 4 times in a row and only consume the MP value once.

Magiccounter magic spar (B): When under attack, it will automatically counterattack with connected magic (or summoned beast).

KNIGHTSOFROUND(R) Round Table Warrior Summoning Magic Quartz: 13 consecutive powerful attacks, it is the strongest Summoning Magic Quartz in this game.

Mime (Y) imitates magic spar: it does exactly what the previous teammate did (except LIMIT), and does not consume MP or items (if the action made by the previous teammate requires MP or use Items).

ULTIMA (G) final magic attack magic spar: Perform a non-attribute final magic attack on all enemies (will not be absorbed by any enemy), it is the strongest attack magic in this game.

MASTERSUMMON magic spar (R) can use any kind of summoning magic. MASTERMAGIC magic spar (G) can use any kind of summoning magic. MASTERCOMMAND magic spar (Y) can use any command

(1) The strongest attack: (within 1 round) the round table warrior six combo minimum requirements: the round table warrior summons magic spar (R) or 1 mastera, W-SUMMON magic spar (Y), mime magic crystal 2 stones (Y) or Mastercommand magic spar (Y).

Recommended equipment: Samurai Round Table Summon 3 magic spar (R) or Masteramon magic spar, 3 W-SUMMON magic spar (Y), 3 mime magic spar (Y) or MASTERCOMMAND magic spar (Y).

How to equip: One of our 3 players (the one with the highest speed) installs 1 round table warrior summons, 1 W-SUMMON magic spar, and the other 2 installs MIME magic spar (Y) or MASTERCOMMAND magic spar. (Y) One.

How to use: During battle, the team members equipped with the round table warrior summon use the W-SUMMON command to summon the round table warrior twice in a row, and the other 2 team members use the imitation command. (If the recommended equipment is used, each team member will be equipped with the round table warrior summon, W-SUMMON magic spar and imitation magic spar or MASTERCOMMAND magic spar. If any team member uses the W-SUMMON command, the round table warrior will be summoned twice. The 2 team members used the imitating instructions and then imitated them continuously…)

Attack effect: In order to improve the attack effect, the team members can be equipped with Magicplpus magic spar (P) to increase the magic attack power. Regardless of the level of the author’s team members, when fighting a super weapon that roams around in the ocean floor, (this monster has 1000000 HP) there is no chance of winning without this move, because this monster will make a move when it receives a certain amount of damage. Defends all attacks that are ignored. No matter how high your level is, you will be deducted 999 HP. Therefore, you must use a continuous attack with super attack power, and you can only make it to its death without giving it a chance. During this war, the author’s team members The average level is LV59, and the average magic attack power is 221. This is because equipped with Magicplpus magic spar (P), one round table warrior can attack the enemy about 9,000HP13=117,000HP, and each of us will summon the round table warrior 2 times each round, a total of 6 times, can attack the enemy 117,000HP6=702000HP, The result was a monster in less than 2 rounds. (If everyone adds the Magiccounter magic spar (B) and the monster attacks all in the first round, you can kill it in just one round.)

Super Attack: (within 1 round) Ultimate Magic ULTIMA 24 consecutive hits

Minimum requirements: 1 ULTIMA magic spar (G) or MASTERMAGIC magic spar (G), 1 W-MAGIC magic spar (Y), 2 MIME magic spar (Y) or MASTERCOMMAND magic spar (Y) , Magic 4 hits one magic spar (B) in a row.

Recommended assembly: ULTIMA magic spar (G) or MASTERMAGIC magic spar (G) 3, W-MAGIC magic spar (Y) 3, MIME magic spar (Y) MASTERCOMMAND magic spar (Y), Magic 4 hits 3 magic spar (B) in a row.

Equipment method: Among our 3 players, the team with the highest speed is equipped with ULTIMA magic spar or MASTMAGIC magic spar (G), magic 4 magic spar 1 (the two magic spars must be connected together) ), 1 W-MAGIC magic spar, and the other 2 people each install one imitating magic spar.

How to use: During the battle, the team members equipped with ULTIMA magic spar use the W-MAGIC command to use the ULTIMA final magic twice in a row, and the other two team members use the MIME command. (If the recommended equipment is used, each team member should be equipped with ULTIMA magic spar or MASTERMAGIC magic spar (G), magic 4 streak, W-MAGIC and imitating magic spar, any team member uses the W-MAGIC command for continuous use Two ULTIMA final magic, the other 2 players used the imitating command, and then they kept imitating…)

Attack effect: In order to increase the attack power, the team members can be equipped with Magicplpus magic spar (P) to increase the magic attack power. Use the ultimate magic ULTIMA once, and it will be activated 4 times in a row because of the 4 magic combos installed. In each round, each of us uses the magic ULTIMA 2 times, a total of 6 times, and each time is multiplied by 4, so a total of 6 × 4 = 24 times, can attack the enemy 8000HP × 24 = 192000HP, although not as strong as the strongest attack, but To deal with the final BOSS-SEPHIROTH is enough (but 8000HP).

If you install MAGICCOMTER (B) and connect it to another ULTIMA magic spar (G), you can only attack without you making a move. Even if the enemy makes a move, you will automatically use the magic ULTIMA to counterattack, and the counterattack is also continuous. 4 times (because another ULTIMA magic spar (G) or MASTERMAGIC magic spar (G) has been connected to the magic combo, no matter which one is used, it will be counted as 4 times), if the enemy uses all Attack, it will receive 4×3=12 magic ULTIMA counterattacks. In this way, all enemies in a round will receive dozens of final magic ULTIMA attacks (total of our attacks and counterattacks), except for the planetary weapons on the seafloor. All disappear.

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