Final Fantasy 6 cheats


Final Fantasy 6 cheats

Final Fantasy 6 cheats


First download the latest game modifier: Click here to learn and download the latest game modifier

1 Infinity Money

8002F860 967F

8002F862 0098

2 All Sommon

3002FA69 00FF

3002FA6A 00FF

3002FA6B 00FF

3002FA6C 00FF

3 All Magic For Tena

B0180001 00000000

3002FA6E 00FF

B0150001 00000000

3002FA86 00FF

B0090001 00000000

3002FA9B 00FF

4 Max EXP All Characters

B00D0025 00000000

3002F611 007F

B00D0025 00000000

3002F612 0096

B00D0025 00000000

3002F613 0098

5 Max Status All Characters

B00D0025 00000000

3002F61A 0080

B00D0025 00000000

3002F61B 0080

B00D0025 00000000

3002F61C 0080

B00D0025 00000000

3002F61D 0080

6 Infinity Item

B1000001 00000000

3002F969 000A

7 All Item

B1000001 00000001

3002F869 0000


8002F860 967F

3002F862 0098

Fix money password, before

The password will result in the time 99:99

Correct the description here^^

Quickly gather gas in battle

B0040001 00000000

30020022 00FF

Unabated blood in the battle

Press R1 key to reply [can be set or not set this code]

D0007572 F7FF[R1 control code]

Current value

B0040002 00000000

80021BF4 270F

B0040002 00000000

80020E78 270F


B0040002 00000000

80021C1C 270F

B0040002 00000000

80020E80 270F

Unabated mana in battle

The first one

80020E88 03E7

80020E90 03E7


80020E8A 03E7

80020E92 03E7

the third

80020E8E 03E7

80020E96 03E7

Fourth place

80020E94 03E7

80021C0C 03E7

Stable in battle


8002F614 0000


8002F6A8 0000

The trick is full in battle

Kai Yan

Press the SELECT button to start OrL1orL2

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