Final Fantasy 4 modification cheats


Final Fantasy 4 modification cheats

Final Fantasy 4 modification cheats

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800D1440 63ED← Calling Fat Road Travellers Props

Fat Travelling Bird Item Column

B0800002 00000001 (01~80) 128 groups

800D1340 6301 ← Two sets of passwords are used separately

Because the maximum capacity in the inventory is 128 groups, after you choose it yourself, you can equip it and enter the next group of passwords.

B0800002 00000001) 81~FF) 128 groups

800D1340 6381 ← Two sets of passwords are used separately


Unlimited money

800D16A0 FFFF

800D16A0 FFFF

SFC version gold finger


7A917000BB82A0 7A9370008FC8B0

SFC US Gold Finger


7A917000BBB2A0 7A9370008FC8B0


Money 020072BC:3B9AC9FF
Not encountering the enemy 0200E064:01
The first item from 04h↓
Type 02006EE4:0xxx
Quantity 02006EE6:63
Archive at any time
Big map status
01 walking
02 Golden Chocobo
04 Black Chocobo
08 Airship
10 Flacon
20 Hovercraft
28 Airship + Hovercraft
40 Magic Ship

Teammate 1 change 020069E6:xx
Teammate 2 change 020069E7:xx
Teammate 3 change 020069E8:xx
Teammate 4 change 020069E9:xx
Teammate 5 change 020069EA:xx

HP 020069F8:270F
MAXHP 020069FA:270F
MP 020069FC:03E7
MAXMP 020069FE:03E7
Normal status 02006A00:00
Occupation 02006A02:xx
LV 02006A03:63
EXP 02006A38:0098967F
Strength 02006A0C:63
Agility 02006A0D: 63
Stamina 02006A0E: 63
Wisdom 02006A0F:63
Spirit 02006A10:63
Attack LV 02006A11:63
Attack power 02006A12:FF
Hit rate 02006A13:63
Defense LV 02006A14:63
Defense 02006A15:FF
Avoidance rate 02006A16:63
Magic Defense LV 02006A17:63
Magic defense 02006A18:FF
Demon avoidance 02006A19:63
Magic group 1 02006A32:xx
Magic Group 2 02006A33:xx
Magic Group 3 02006A34:xx

HP 02006A40:270F
MAXHP 02006A42:270F
MP 02006A44:03E7
MAXMP 02006A46:03E7
Normal state 02006A48:00
Occupation 02006A4A:xx
LV 02006A4B:63
EXP 02006A80:0098967F
Strength 02006A54:63
Agility 02006A55:63
Stamina 02006A56:63
Wisdom 02006A57:63
Spirit 02006A58:63
Attack LV 02006A59:63
Attack power 02006A5A:FF
Hit rate 02006A5B: 63
Defense LV 02006A5C: 63
Defense 02006A5D:FF
Avoidance rate 02006A5E:63
Magic Defense LV 02006A5F:63
Magic defense 02006A60:FF
Demon avoidance 02006A61:63
Magic group 1 02006A7A:xx
Magic Group 2 02006A7B:xx
Magic group 3 02006A7C:xx

HP 02006A88:270F
MAXHP 02006A8A:270F
MP 02006A8C:03E7
MAXMP 02006A8E:03E7
Normal state 02006A90:00
Occupation 02006A92:xx
LV 02006A93:63
EXP 02006AC8:0098967F
Strength 02006A9C:63
Agility 02006A9D: 63
Stamina 02006A9E: 63
Wisdom 02006A9F:63
Spirit 02006AA0:63
Attack LV 02006AA1:63
Attack power 02006AA2: FF
Hit rate 02006AA3:63
Defense LV 02006AA4:63
Defense 02006AA5: FF
Avoidance rate 02006AA6:63
Magic Defense LV 02006AA7:63
Magic defense 02006AA8:FF
Demon avoidance 02006AA9:63
Magic group 1 02006AC2:xx
Magic Group 2 02006AC3:xx
Magic Group 3 02006AC4:xx

HP 02006AD0:270F
MAXHP 02006AD2:270F
MP 02006AD4:03E7
MAXMP 02006AD6:03E7
Normal state 02006AD8:00
Occupation 02006ADA:xx
LV 02006ADB:63
EXP 02006B10:0098967F
Strength 02006AE4:63
Agility 02006AE5: 63
Stamina 02006AE6: 63
Wisdom 02006AE7:63
Spirit 02006AE8:63
Attack LV 02006AE9:63
Attack power 02006AEA:FF
Hit rate 02006AEB: 63
Defense LV 02006AEC:63
Defense 02006AED:FF
Avoidance rate 02006AEE:63
Magic Defense LV 02006AEF:63
Magic defense 02006AF0:FF
Demon avoidance 02006AF1:63
Magic group 1 02006B0A:xx
Magic Group 2 02006B0B:xx
Magic group 3 02006B0C:xx

HP 02006B18:270F
MAXHP 02006B1A:270F
MP 02006B1C:03E7
MAXMP 02006B1E:03E7
Normal state 02006B20:00
Occupation 02006B22:xx
LV 02006B23:63
EXP 02006B58:0098967F
Strength 02006B2C:63
Agility 02006B2D: 63
Stamina 02006B2E:63
Wisdom 02006B2F:63
Spirit 02006B30:63
Attack LV 02006B31:63
Attack power 02006B32:FF
Hit rate 02006B33:63
Defense LV 02006B34:63
Defense 02006B35:FF
Avoidance rate 02006B36:63
Magic Defense LV 02006B37:63
Magic defense 02006B38:FF
Demon avoidance 02006B39:63
Magic group 1 02006B52:xx
Magic Group 2 02006B53:xx
Magic group 3 02006B54:xx

HP 02006B60:270F
MAXHP 02006B62:270F
MP 02006B64:03E7
MAXMP 02006B66:03E7
Normal state 02006B68:00
Occupation 02006B6A:xx
LV 02006B6B:63
EXP 02006BA0:0098967F
Strength 02006B74:63
Agility 02006B75:63
Stamina 02006B76:63
Wisdom 02006B77:63
Spirit 02006B78:63
Attack LV 02006B79:63
Attack power 02006B7A: FF
Hit rate 02006B7B: 63
Defense LV 02006B7C: 63
Defense 02006B7D:FF
Avoidance rate 02006B7E:63
Magic Defense LV 02006B7F:63
Magic defense 02006B80:FF
Demon avoidance 02006B81:63
Magic group 1 02006B9A:xx
Magic Group 2 02006B9B:xx
Magic Group 3 02006B9C:xx

HP 02006BA8:270F
MAXHP 02006BAA:270F
MP 02006BAC:03E7
MAXMP 02006BAE:03E7
Normal state 02006BB0:00
Occupation 02006BB2:xx
LV 02006BB3:63
EXP 02006BE8:0098967F
Strength 02006BBC:63
Agility 02006BBD: 63
Stamina 02006BBE:63
Wisdom 02006BBF:63
Spirit 02006BC0:63
Attack LV 02006BC1:63
Attack power 02006BC2:FF
Hit rate 02006BC3:63
Defense LV 02006BC4:63
Defense 02006BC5:FF
Avoidance rate 02006BC6:63
Magic Defense LV 02006BC7:63
Magic defense 02006BC8:FF
Demon avoidance 02006BC9:63
Magic Group 1 02006BE2:xx
Magic Group 2 02006BE3:xx
Magic Group 3 02006BE4:xx

HP 02006BF0:270F
MAXHP 02006BF2:270F
MP 02006BF4:03E7
MAXMP 02006BF6:03E7
Normal state 02006BF8:00
Occupation 02006BFA:xx
LV 02006BFB:63
EXP 02006C30:0098967F
Strength 02006C04:63
Agility 02006C05:63
Stamina 02006C06:63
Wisdom 02006C07:63
Spirit 02006C08:63
Attack LV 02006C09:63
Attack power 02006C0A:FF
Hit rate 02006C0B: 63
Defense LV 02006C0C: 63
Defense 02006C0D:FF
Avoidance rate 02006C0E:63
Magic Defense LV 02006C0F:63
Magic defense 02006C10:FF
Demon avoidance 02006C11:63
Magic group 1 02006C2A:xx
Magic Group 2 02006C2B:xx
Magic Group 3 02006C2C:xx

HP 02006C38:270F
MAXHP 02006C3A:270F
MP 02006C3C:03E7
MAXMP 02006C3E:03E7
Normal state 02006C40:00
Occupation 02006C42:xx
LV 02006C43:63
EXP 02006C78:0098967F
Strength 02006C4C:63
Agility 02006C4D: 63
Stamina 02006C4E:63
Wisdom 02006C4F:63
Spirit 02006C50:63
Attack LV 02006C51:63
Attack power 02006C52:FF
Hit rate 02006C53:63
Defense LV 02006C54:63
Defense 02006C55:FF
Avoidance rate 02006C56:63
Magic Defense LV 02006C57:63
Magic defense 02006C58:FF
Demon avoidance 02006C59:63
Magic group 1 02006C72:xx
Magic Group 2 02006C73:xx
Magic Group 3 02006C74:xx

HP 02006C80:270F
MAXHP 02006C82:270F
MP 02006C84:03E7
MAXMP 02006C86:03E7
Normal state 02006C88:00
Occupation 02006C8A:xx
LV 02006C8B:63
EXP 02006CC0:0098967F
Strength 02006C94:63
Agility 02006C95:63
Stamina 02006C96:63
Wisdom 02006C97:63
Spirit 02006C98:63
Attack LV 02006C99:63
Attack power 02006C9A:FF
Hit rate 02006C9B: 63
Defense LV 02006C9C:63
Defense 02006C9D:FF
Avoidance rate 02006C9E:63
Magic Defense LV 02006C9F:63
Magic defense 02006CA0:FF
Devil avoidance 02006CA1:63
Magic Group 1 02006CBA:xx
Magic Group 2 02006CBB:xx
Magic Group 3 02006CBC:xx

HP 02006CC8:270F
MAXHP 02006CCA:270F
MP 02006CCC:03E7
MAXMP 02006CCE:03E7
Normal state 02006CD0:00
Occupation 02006CD2:xx
LV 02006CD3:63
EXP 02006D08:0098967F
Strength 02006CDC:63
Agility 02006CDD: 63
Stamina 02006CDE:63
Wisdom 02006CDF:63
Spirit 02006CE0:63
Attack LV 02006CE1:63
Attack power 02006CE2:FF
Hit rate 02006CE3:63
Defense LV 02006CE4:63
Defense 02006CE5:FF
Avoidance rate 02006CE6:63
Magic Defense LV 02006CE7:63
Magic defense 02006CE8:FF
Demon avoidance 02006CE9:63
Magic Group 1 02006D02:xx
Magic Group 2 02006D03:xx
Magic Group 3 02006D04:xx

HP 02006D10:270F
MAXHP 02006D12:270F

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