Final Fantasy 3 cheats


Final Fantasy 3 cheats

Final Fantasy 3 cheats

In the battle, first select defense and then press the B button to cancel, and then enter the attack so that the damage can be halved and you can attack.

Copy consumption items

This method only applies to the consumption of props

Place the items to be copied at the top of the inventory before the battle

During the battle, place the cursor on the item to be copied, and hold down the up and A keys at the same time.

Select the cursor of the prop object to succeed, press B to cancel and see if there is one more prop in the prop bar?

Copy magic

Two characters are required, A is not equipped with magic, and B is equipped with the magic you want to copy

Select こうかん (Exchange) in the magic menu of A, place the cursor on B, press B to cancel the selection, and select はずす (Cancel)

At this point, you will find that although the magic bar of A is empty, you can see the magic tips of equipment B. At this time, even pressing the A key can “disable” B’s magic indefinitely. Use this method to get rich quickly

Note: If A is equipped with magic, although B’s magic can also be copied, the magic at the corresponding position of A will be lost

Increase proficiency quickly

Regardless of any profession, as long as you choose ぼうぎょ (defense) 5 times in a battle, your proficiency will be increased by 1 point after the battle. You can find a place where the enemy is weak and repeatedly brush your proficiency. Note that one battle will increase your proficiency by up to 1 point.


Get the boat first, go to Longschel to buy the stealth grass at the first stop, and get the last key to the UK, and then…be careful.

(1) Put the stuff you want to copy on your companions, then throw them all back to the hotel, and let the brave go to Longschel alone, talk to [the priest to the center of the earth], and walk out of the town from below (if there is a companion, he will Blocked), return to Ali Ahan City. Use it to go! ! The ____ does not work! ! ! !

(2) Go back to Ali Ahan, ask your companions, store the things you want to copy in the storage (if the things are sold for money, you can sell them directly, such as golden claws), and then take your companions out to meet the enemy and escape (or defeat) Later, the companion will return to the hotel, and the items previously stored in the storage (or sold) will appear on the companion again! !

Have you earned enough? Then be careful about crashes (I haven’t been)

(3) Walk back to Longschel, after entering the city, you will be at [Earth Entrance], and then leave the city, and then come in and talk to the priests, if you can fly away, it’s OK! ! If it doesn’t work… Go in and out again, and talk again, if it’s not work, there may be a problem with the card…

(4) When copying, if the first person is replaced by someone other than the brave…hehe the brave will be driven away! ! I used four sages to break it! ! ! But when recording, the team is dissatisfied with four people, and the brave will come back after the reboot!

(5) Before copying, it is best to record a backup to avoid irreversible copy failure (because it is not a skilled person!)

(6) Never “don’t” copy the seeds of physical strength and intelligence! ! If you don’t want your sage to reach level 35, HP will only be 101 and MP will only be 58! !

(7) Don’t copy things that can’t be sold and are useless. The store can only store 120 things! !

(Key, letter from the king, pot of thirst… etc., but the golden crown can be considered for the magician (teacher)!!)

(FC) Just hold down the A button of 2P without encountering the enemy’s skills. Very easy to use, P.S: Only Fc board

Recently, I replayed SFC’s DQ3. Based on my research and my brother’s research, I found out how to increase the maximum HP&MP in an upgrade. Just when my brave upgraded from lv49 to lv50, HP increased by 24 and MP increased by 300. , The method is as follows (take me as an example)

First use items to increase the intelligence from 109 to 255, and use the physical seed to increase my original 254 by 7 (the status bar is still 255), and then upgrade to HP+24&MP+300.

Incidentally: HP&MP will be increased to about twice the physical strength & intelligence each time you level up, that is, when the physical strength=100, the HP will be around 200.

It’s okay to say it’s a bug. However, this bug is not caused by a momentary negligence, and it is not easy to change after the main program has been finalized. If I am the supervisor of DQ3, I will tell the programmer not to change this bug if I am short of time. , Just use it as a cheat and wait for the player to dig it out^^.

Almost any RPG will have “only one” important props, and DQ3 is no exception. With battery memory, the switch of the treasure chest has become a global variable. Therefore, if important items are hidden in the treasure chest or handed over to the player by an NPC (in fact, it is not much different from the control of the treasure chest in terms of program). You can use a bit to control whether the player can start again. If you close the source of acquisition, naturally you won’t take more.

And props like the leaves of the world tree are similar to DQ2’s “Only one body”. Only the “body” of DQ3 has two places besides the people in the team: the cloakroom in the hotel and the partners in the shop. Here, a small flaw occurred. The program judges the items on the partners registered in the store, and is calculated by grabbing the data in the adventure book.

Maybe someone still remembers: Whenever they have to deal with the older sister or the people on the second floor, they will ask the player to record it. If they don’t record it, they will also say “may cause data problems” and so on-in fact, this is Avoid some bugs. Perhaps due to certain considerations, ENIX decided not to memorize the data of characters outside the team in real-time variables when designing the system (in other words, I will do the same: the data of the characters on standby in the hotel 99% of the time Will not change at all). Therefore, whenever a standby character is involved, the player will be required to record it once so that the system can write the information into the adventure book (variable that does not change at any time).

Then a loophole occurred: when the player surveyed the center of the four mountains, the system began to look for the leaves of the world tree on the player, first in the team, then in the cloakroom, and then those who only logged in but did not appear on the scene. ……, the first two are okay, just grab the current variables, what about the last one? I found it directly in the adventure book.

When the companion was blown away, there was one less person in the team and one more person in the hotel, but the “character on standby in the hotel” remembered in the adventure book was still the same…so there were no leaves in the team (of course, the person who took it was blown away ), there is no leaf in the cloakroom (of course, not put in at all), the character in the adventure book has no leaf in his hand (of course, not recorded yet)-the person who blows away becomes a blind spot.
In the same way, the method of copying props in the trial of the brave (a temple that can only be entered by one person) is similar. If you want to put the team so that only the brave is left, you must go to the hotel to negotiate, and you will definitely record. The adventure book will record all the props of other partners. When the brave escapes quietly from the temple and returns, find your companions to exchange props and fight. After a battle, the system reads that the “Trial of the Brave” is currently underway, and there should be only one person, so the second person is forced to disappear. The difference is that the information of the second person is not written into the variables in real time, so when returning to the hotel to find the companion who was forced to leave the team by the system, what props he/she possessed were read from the adventure book– In other words, the item you want to copy is changed to the state before the brave hand.

Also because of this, this trick can’t make the scene crash, the record disappears… etc.: Because at this time the system is already a bit messed up.

DQ3’s metal monsters seem to be too slow to chop. Those who use the magician “” become dragons and burn more than a hundred at a time. Even the metal monsters and metal slimes are the same, super strong!

Perform official duties first. After using up the light beads, use full recovery magic to restore Soma, magically causing him (she?)[It??] to suffer 80~100 damage, because Soma’s defense is very high and magic is also Less effective defense power reduction magic will be invalidated, using this trick to unconditionally damage HP within a few rounds, Soma is restored to death.

Hidden treasures:

In the first village (ウル) village after the start of the game, there is a small road leading to the hut behind the village, and there will be enemies on the road. After entering the house and talking with the old man, investigate the first light from the right on the wall, then you can turn on the secret passage on the right wall. There are many treasures in the secret room after passing through the secret passage.

play piano:

Still in the village of ウル, talk to a woman on the second floor of the hotel and she will dance for you. Then check the piano behind you, and you can play music and hear people’s cheers.

Fat Chocobo:

In the forest where chocobos are found, if you use ギザ-ルのヤさい, a fat chocobo will appear and it will help you keep the items.

The fire-spitting dragon:

When entering Salonia (サロニア), there is a cave called Ancient Ruins (ニだいいサき). There are only two monsters in the cave, the fire-spitting dragon and the long-shaped dragon, whose HP is between 1500-2000, and they are not Special attacks. You can transfer a character to become a summoner (げんじゆつし), equip him with flash and freeze, and then go to fight with him. As long as you use the above spells, you can stun or paralyze the monster and fight EASY. Defeating a monster can get 1200-1250 EXP, which can be upgraded for speeding.

The terrifying resurrection technique:

Use the resurrection technique (レトズ) or the new resurrection technique (アレイトズ) on the undead monsters. Once it succeeds, it will kill with one hit regardless of the opponent’s HP.

Grand Magister and Ninja (Research Class):

At the end of the game, after defeating the Douga and Mogu who live in the Dulce Island Palace (the one with many white kittens in it), you can enter the first floor of the Crystal Tower In the mirror world, if the level of all team members rises to 50, they will be able to obtain these two high-level occupations. The Grand Magister can be equipped with black and white magic, and the ninja can be equipped with any weapon and armor (including the legendary sword in the stone). You can buy the eighth level of black and white magic and the sixth, seventh, and eighth level of summoning magic on the seventh floor. Investigate On the top wall, you can buy the ninja’s strongest weapons-shuriken and crystal armor in the secret road on the right. If equipped with two shurikens, the attack power can reach more than 800, but unfortunately it is a consumable, 60,000 yuan each, please bring enough iron.

Coincidentally with the crystal tower:

To enter the crystal tower, you need to reach the seventh floor before you can enter the different world where the boss lives. There will be many tricky monsters along the way. In fact, as long as it is equipped with the jumping technique (テレポ, level three), the frog technique (ト-ド), and the reduction technique (ミニマム, level two) in white magic, you can kill almost any enemy in one hit. It can save a lot of time and prevent unnecessary sacrifices.

Benefits of treatment:

In the village of カチ-ン lives an old man who builds an airship for you (in the upper left corner). His wife is ill in bed. If she is given a holy medicine that restores HP and MP, she can be cured. Talk to the old man again at this time, he will open a way, investigate the candle on the wall, and there will be a secret path with many treasure chests in it.

Special effects of equipment:

In the battle state of this game, weapons are used as props, and some of them can produce special effects. Such as ル-ンの stick, can produce the magic effect of づリザガ; ちよラるラの stick, can produce the effect of クアリ magic; ゴ-レムの stick can produce the effect of sacred magic. There are many more, please discover by yourself.

Hidden treasure chest 2:

An uninhabited castle in the north of Toval (トツウル) village. Enter the place where there are four lights on the wall, investigate the first light from the right, and you will find an underpass with a treasure chest inside. Then enter the meeting room (えんたくのひるま), there is a secret passage on the square wall on the right, and there are three boxes of money inside.

Get the Dark Sword:

Use the airship to come to the village where the Magister lives, and enter the waterfall through the forest road. Fight with an old man inside, and after victory, he will give you the Dark Sword. (The village is located to the south of the cave of Nikai, and to the southwest of Cronia)

Exchange items (sale with money):

In the first village, ウル村, there is an old man standing still at the door of the mayor’s house (opposite the dormitory). Give him a reply agent ポ-シヨン, and he will give you a silent prop. (100G for 150G, accompanied by…)

Onion equipment:

In the crystal tower of the boss, sometimes you will encounter a dragon-shaped monster, イエロ-ドラづン. It is possible to defeat it to get オニオンア-マ- (onion armor), its defense power is 3 times that of crystal equipment, and can quickly improve magic defense. But only the initial profession can be equipped. (Ninja is not good either)

world map:

After you take a chocobo around the world (finger cone-shaped island) for a week, come to the village of Nikai to the west of the Great Desert and talk to the boy in the grass to get it.

Hidden Treasure Box 3:

There is a doorless room at the upper right of the village. Climb up the first small tree on the left side of this door to the roof. After entering the room from the chimney, investigate the first candle on the right to open the secret passage. There is a treasure chest inside.

Get Shuriken:

Go to the village of ギサ-ル (a village with many sheep) across the sea from the small country, enter the shop where you bought the keys, and there is a secret path at the door where you can get ninja darts.

Hidden treasure chest 4:

There is a cave at the upper right of Kasko Village. Investigate the third fancy wall decoration from left to right at the end of the cave. Then you can open the secret road. There are two Misuriru-to swords inside. But the condition for opening the secret road is that people first The transparent state is liberated.

Hidden Treasure:

There is a small triangular island right in the east of the palace of ゴ-ルトル (that is, the palace where the golden crystal is obtained). If you dive into the sea with a submarine, you will find a cave called かいていざランくつの場の cave. There are 19 treasure chests in the cave (including those hidden in the third layer), including the curse sword (ニだいのつるぎ) with both paralyzing and petrifying effects, the strongest knife エア-ヲイつ, the strongest with blood-sucking effect The gun, such as the mysterious armor and a lot of precious props.

How to get 100% onion equipment: Encounter rare red dragons in the last crystal tower, deal with them with frog or shrink, and get 100% onion equipment after victory.

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