Final Fantasy 2 cheats

Final Fantasy 2 cheats

Final Fantasy 2 cheats

Final Fantasy 2 Cheats To put it simply, it is to equip the book as a weapon. You will find that this is definitely the strongest weapon in FFII. The steps are as follows, for the sake of simplicity, take the protagonist as an example.

First of all, buy a book of flames (), equipped with the inventory of the protagonist, that is, each person can only install two there. Then, only one weapon was left in his hand, and the other hand was empty. Enter the battle. At this time, in the inventory, swap the weapon and the book. It’s that simple. In battle, people will rush out and come back immediately, without waving their hands or doing anything, but the enemy has been damaged, and the attack power will be several times that of the weapon. What’s more frightening is that it will still suck blood! After causing serious damage to the enemy, he can also replenish blood! It’s really a pretty scary weapon.

This trick can be used from the beginning of the game, but if you find it difficult to hit at the beginning, please practice your weapon proficiency first. Wait until the proficiency is high before changing books, and Miss will be less likely to happen.

Similarly, if you feel that your attack power is not satisfactory at the beginning of the game, please practice again, including weapon proficiency and HP. After practicing, the book will be able to exert its outstanding attack power again.

In the end, it should be that any book can be equipped with, but not necessarily as attackable as the book of flames. Some books will cause crashes, please pay attention. I once lost two hours of record because of messing with books to play. After all, this is still a bug.

When I fought the last demon king, I only hit four or five times with the book, and the demon king died. Terrible attack power…

If you want to bully the computer, this trick is very good.

Airship high speed method:

When riding the airship, press the B key 31 times to make the airship fly at high speed.

FF2 mini game-mental weakness

After getting the snowboard, enter the snow and become the snowboard state, and then type: hold down the A button and press the B button 22 times to enter the mental weakness (Taiwan translation: memory game) mini game. Just remember the cards and pair them up. Different prizes will be given according to your performance.

WSC-FF2 fast leveling

Like FC, as long as you press the attack command (and specify the object), when you change the object, cancel the command, simply say A, A, B, A, A, B, A, A, B, and repeat it all the time. The level of strength and weapons. In addition, attacking your own companion can practice HP and physical strength…

1. HP growth stunt:

A very common cheat is to use what is commonly known as masochism to increase HP. The method is to beat your teammates in battle, and then when HP is weakened, after fighting the battle with injuries, the computer will prompt that HP has increased. , So repeatedly…For this cheat, it is recommended to go to the first place to practice. The monsters there are very weak and will not be a threat to us, lest we are defeated in a battle and be attacked by the enemy again. Good~ There is also the poisonous axe obtained in the later stage. Don’t equip this weapon when you practice HP! Otherwise it won’t increase blood~~

2. At the beginning of the game, skillfully beat the leader of Fein City:

The first question is that after Min Wu joins the team, he buys another ice magic book for the heroine (the three main characters are the same), so that she can learn ice magic. Come to the city of Fein, transfer both the heroine and Minwu to the rear, then let Minwu use the dimensional technique, return to the big map, and then enter the city of Fein, talk to the leader, okay, go to war! In the first round, Minwu exchanged the magic with HP.MP with the leader. After the exchange was successful, the leader’s HP was only 10 (because before Minwu used the dimension, the HP was deducted to 10), and then cooperated with the heroine’s ice magic , You can kill the leader in one hit (the damage to the leader is more than twenty for one attack at the first level of ice magic). However, if Minwu’s exchange is not successful, he will start again and try several times. After defeating the leader, you get 300 cash, and sometimes you will drop valuables, such as the flame bow, frog spell book, and golden armor. It is a good choice to sell or equip it~

3. MP growth method:

The premise is that someone on our side will kill the magic, and then use it on our personnel in the battle. After the MP is deducted, the computer will prompt the MP to increase after the battle, and so on~


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