Final Fantasy 13 Modification Cheats

Final Fantasy 13 Modification Cheats

Final Fantasy 13 Modification Cheats

First download the latest game modifier: Click here to learn and download the latest game modifier


Enable Code (Must Be On)

FA7A006E 32C6DA51

1 Infinite Health

2AACC91F 24010096

2AA8C91F AC6102B4

2A94C91F 03E00008

2A90C91F E68002BC

2AE32712 0C030088

2 Max Infinite Ammo

2A6B16C0 24030063

2A5716C0 AC830278

3 Never Reload

2A1B37C7 00000000

4 P1 Press L1 For Moon Jump

2A9CC91F 3C01437A

2A98C91F 03E00008

2A84C91F AEA100EC


2A232118 0C03008C


2A232118 E6A400EC


Prop modification:
You can add combat props, materials, and key props in the memory, that is, new things can be changed out of nothing, just add them regularly under the last item.
Searching for the string acc_000_000 of the iron bracelet in CE, there are several results, because the target result is very late, so we look at each result memory block from bottom to top until we find the structure I marked with a red line in the picture. By the way, weapons And accessories are arranged in the order of starting, no matter how you change the order in the weapons/accessories column, the memory will not change, which is different from the other three types of props. From the picture we can see that the accessories (or weapons) we want to modify are much more complicated than the other three types of items, consisting of 16*3+8=56 bytes, so it is almost impossible to add new items manually.

The first 16 bytes control the name, don’t worry about it. The 17th byte (green underline) controls whether it is equipped, 0 is not equipped, and 1 is equipped. The 18th byte (blue) controls the level. The 19th and 20th are not needed. For the 21st-24th (purple) control experience, if you change it to FF FF FF FF, then use any material to transform, even if the experience is 1, you can directly upgrade to the full level. Okay, here comes the important point. The 25th-28th bytes (black) control the value of the attribute. Now it is 32, which is 50 in decimal. If you change it to FF FF FF FF, the HP value increases. …..4294967295.

Item Code:

Code   Name
acc_000_000 Iron Bangle
acc_000_001 Silver Bangle
acc_000_002 Tungsten Bangle
acc_000_003 Titanium Bangle
acc_000_004 Gold Bangle
acc_000_005 Mythril Bangle
acc_000_006 Platinum Bangle
acc_000_007 Diamond Bangle
acc_000_008 Adamant Bangle
acc_000_009 Wurtzite Bangle
acc_000_100 Power Wristband
acc_000_101 Brawler’s Wristband
acc_000_102 Warrior’s Wristband
acc_000_103 Power Glove
acc_000_104 Kaiser Knuckles
acc_000_200 Magician’s Mark
acc_000_201 Shaman’s Mark
acc_000_202 Sorcerer’s Mark
acc_000_203 Weirding Glyph
acc_000_204 Magistral Crest
acc_000_300 Black Belt
acc_000_301 General’s Belt
acc_000_302 Champion’s Belt
acc_000_400 Rune Bracelet
acc_000_401 Witch’s Bracelet
acc_000_402 Magus’s Bracelet
acc_000_500 Royal Armlet
acc_000_501 Imperial Armlet
acc_001_000 Ember Ring
acc_001_001 Blaze Ring
acc_001_002 Salamandrine Ring
acc_002_000 Frost Ring
acc_002_001 Icicle Ring
acc_002_002 Boreal Ring
acc_003_000 Spark Ring
acc_003_001 Fulmen Ring
acc_003_002 Raijin Ring
acc_004_000 Aqua Ring
acc_004_001 Riptide Ring
acc_004_002 Nereid Ring
acc_005_000 Zephyr Ring
acc_005_001 Gale Ring
acc_005_002 Sylphid Ring
acc_006_000 Clay Ring
acc_006_001 Siltstone Ring
acc_006_002 Gaian Ring
acc_007_000 Entite Ring
acc_009_000 Giant’s Glove
acc_009_001 Warlord’s Glove
acc_010_000 Glass Buckle
acc_010_001 Tektite Buckle
acc_011_000 Metal Armband
acc_011_001 Ceramic Armband
acc_012_000 Serenity Sachet
acc_012_001 Safeguard Sachet
acc_013_000 Glass Orb
acc_013_001 Dragonfly Orb
acc_014_000 Star Pendant
acc_014_001 Starfall Pendant
acc_015_000 Pearl Necklace
acc_015_001 Gemstone Necklace
acc_016_000 Warding Talisman
acc_016_001 Hexbane Talisman
acc_017_000 Pain Dampener
acc_017_001 Pain Deflector
acc_018_000 White Cape
acc_018_001 Effulgent Cape
acc_019_000 Rainbow Anklet
acc_019_001 Moonbow Anklet
acc_020_000 Cherub’s Crown
acc_020_001 Seraph’s Crown
acc_023_000 Ribbon
acc_023_001 Super Ribbon
acc_025_000 Guardian Amulet
acc_025_001 Shield Talisman
acc_026_000 Auric Amulet
acc_026_001 Soulfront Talisman
acc_027_000 Watchman’s Amulet
acc_027_001 Shrouding Talisman
acc_028_000 Hero’s Amulet
acc_028_001 Morale Talisman
acc_029_000 Saint’s Amulet
acc_029_001 Blessed Talisman
acc_030_000 Hermes Sandals
acc_030_001 Sprint Shoes
acc_031_000 Flamebane Brooch
acc_031_001 Flameshield Earring
acc_032_000 Frostbane Brooch
acc_032_001 Frostshield Earring
acc_033_000 Sparkbane Brooch
acc_033_001 Sparkshield Earring
acc_034_000 Aquabane Brooch
acc_034_001 Aquashield Earring
acc_035_000 Zealot’s Amulet
acc_035_001 Battle Talisman
acc_036_000 Tetradic Crown
acc_036_001 Tetradic Tiara
acc_037_000 Whistlewind Scarf
acc_037_001 Aurora Scarf
acc_038_000 Nimbletoe Boots
acc_039_000 Collector Catalog
acc_039_001 Connoisseur Catalog
acc_040_000 Gold Watch
acc_040_001 Champion’s Badge
acc_040_002 Survivalist Catalog
acc_041_000 Hunter’s Friend
acc_041_001 Speed Sash
acc_041_002 Energy Sash
acc_042_001 Genji Glove
acc_045_000 Growth Egg
acc_046_000 Twenty-sided Die
acc_047_000 Fire Charm
acc_048_000 Ice Charm
acc_049_000 Lightning Charm
acc_050_000 Water Charm
acc_051_000 Wind Charm
acc_052_000 Earth Charm
acc_053_000 Doctor’s Code
acc_054_000 Goddess’s Favor
it_antidote Antidote
it_barsmoke Aegisol
it_elixir Elixir
it_holywater Holy Water
it_libra Librascope
it_phenxtal Phoenix Down
it_potion Potion
it_powersmoke Fortisol
it_sedative Painkiller
it_sneaksmoke Deceptisol
it_stinkwater Foul Liquid
it_tonkati Mallet
it_tpsmoke Ethersol
it_wax Wax
key_c_alexa Alexander Eidolith
key_c_baha Bahamut Eidolith
key_c_bryn Brynhildr Eidolith
key_c_hecat Hecatoncheir Eidolith
key_c_odin Odin Eidolith
key_c_shiva Shiva Eidolith
key_commun Com Unit
key_ctool Omni-kit
key_field_00 Gysahl Reins
key_field_01 Power Cable
key_field_02 Trochoid Gear
key_field_03 Metal Plate
key_field_04 Battery Pack
key_field_05 Aspheric Lens
key_ggear Grav-con Unit
key_knife Survival Knife
key_receiver Datalog
key_shop_00 Unicorn Mart
key_shop_01 Eden Pharmaceuticals
key_shop_02 Up in Arms
key_shop_03 Plautus’s Workshop
key_shop_05 Gilgamesh, Inc
key_shop_06 B&W Outfitters
key_shop_07 Magical Moments
key_shop_08 Moogleworks
key_shop_09 Sanctum Labs
key_shop_10 Creature Comforts
key_shop_11 The Motherlode
key_shop_12 Lenora’s Garage
key_shop_13 R&D Depot
key_tears Serah’s Tear
material_j000 Insulated Cabling
material_j001 Fiber-optic Cable
material_j002 Liquid Crystal Lens
material_j003 Ring Joint
material_j004 Epicyclic Gear
material_j005 Crankshaft
material_j006 Electrolytic Capacitor
material_j007 Flywheel
material_j008 Sprocket
material_j009 Actuator
material_j010 Spark Plug
material_j011 Iridium Plug
material_j012 Needle Valve
material_j013 Butterfly Valve
material_j014 Analog Circuit
material_j015 Digital Circuit
material_j016 Gyroscope
material_j017 Electrode
material_j018 Ceramic Armor
material_j019 Chobham Armor
material_j020 Radial Bearing
material_j021 Thrust Bearing
material_j022 Solenoid
material_j023 MobiusCoil
material_j024 Tungsten Tube
material_j025 Titanium Tube
material_j026 Passive Detector
material_j027 Active Detector
material_j028 Transformer
material_j029 Amplifier
material_j030 Carburetor
material_j031 Supercharger
material_j032 Piezoelectric Element
material_j033 Crystal Oscillator
material_j034 Paraffin Oil
material_j035 Silicone Oil
material_j036 Synthetic Muscle
material_j037 Turboprop
material_j038 Turbojet
material_j039 Tesla Turbine
material_j040 Polymer Emulsion
material_j041 Ferroelectric Film
material_j042 Superconductor
material_j043 Perfect Conductor
material_j044 Particle Accelerator
material_j045 Ultracompact Reactor
material_j046 Credit Chip
material_j047 Incentive Chip
material_j048 CactuarDoll
material_j049 Moogle Puppet
material_j050 Tonberry Figurine
material_j051 Plush Chocobo
material_m000 Begrimed Claw
material_m001 Bestial Claw
material_m002 Gargantuan Claw
material_m003 Hellish Talon
material_m004 Shattered Bone
material_m005 Sturdy Bone
material_m006 Otherworldly Bone
material_m007 Ancient Bone
material_m009 Moistened Scale
material_m010 Seapetal Scale
material_m011 Abyssal Scale
material_m012 Seaking’s Beard
material_m013 Segmented Carapace
material_m014 Iron Shell
material_m015 Armored Shell
material_m016 Regenerating Carapace
material_m017 Chipped Fang
material_m018 Wicked Fang
material_m019 Monstrous Feng
material_m020 Sinister Fang
material_m021 Severed Wing
material_m022 Scaled Wing
material_m023 Abominable Wing
material_m024 Menacing Wings
material_m025 Molted Tail
material_m026 Barbed Tail
material_m027 Diabolic Tail
material_m028 Entrancing Tail
material_m029 Torn Leather
material_m030 Thickened Hide
material_m031 Smooth Hide
material_m032 Supple Leather
material_m033 Gummy Oil
material_m034 Fragrant Oil
material_m035 Medicinal Oil
material_m036 Esoteric Oil
material_m037 Scraggly Wool
material_m038 Rough Wool
material_m039 Thick Wool
material_m040 Fluffy Wool
material_m041 Bomb Ashes
material_m042 Bomb Fragment
material_m043 Bombshell
material_m044 Bomb Core
material_m045 Murky Ooze
material_m046 Vibrant Ooze
material_m047 Transparent Ooze
material_m048 Wonder Gel
material_m049 Fractured Horn
material_m050 Spined Horn
material_m051 Fiendish Horn
material_m052 Infernal Horn
material_m053 Strange Fluid
material_m054 Enigmatic Fluid
material_m055 Mysterious Fluid
material_m056 Ineffable Fluid
material_m057 Cie’th Tear
material_m058 Tear of Frustration
material_m059 Tear of Remorse
material_m060 Tear of Woe
material_m061 Cbocobo Plume
material_m062 Chocobo Tail Feather
material_m063 Green Needle
material_m064 Dawnlight Dew
material_m065 Dusklight Dew
material_m066 Gloomstalk
material_m067 Sunpetal
material_m068 Red Mycelium
material_m069 Blue Mycelium
material_m070 White Mycelium
material_m071 Black Mycelium
material_m072 Succulent Fruit
material_m073 Malodorous Fruit
material_m074 Moonblossom Seed
material_m075 Starblossom Seed
material_m076 Perfume
material_o000 Millerite
material_o001 Rhodochrosite
material_o002 Cobaltite
material_o003 Perovskite
material_o004 Uraninite
material_o005 Mnar Stone
material_o006 Scarletite
material_o007 Adamantite
material_o008 Dark Matter
material_o009 Trapezohedron
material_o010 Gold Dust
material_o011 Gold Nugget
material_o012 Platinum Ingot
wea_fan_000 Longinus
wea_fan_001 Bladed Lance
wea_fan_002 Glaive
wea_fan_003 Dragoon Lance
wea_fan_004 Dragonhorn
wea_fan_005 Partisan
wea_fan_006 Rhomphaia
wea_fan_007 Shamanic Spear
wea_fan_008 Heretic’s Halberd
wea_fan_009 Punisher
wea_fan_010 Banescissor Spear
wea_fan_011 Pandoran Spear
wea_fan_012 Calamity Spear
wea_fan_013 Taming Pole
wea_fan_014 Venus Gospel
wea_fan_015 Gae Bolg
wea_fan_016 Gungnir
wea_fan_017 Kain’s Lance (Bladed Lance)
wea_fan_018 Kain’s Lance (Dragoon Lance)
wea_fan_019 Kain’s Lance (Partisan)
wea_fan_020 Kain’s Lance (Shamanic Spear)
wea_fan_021 Kain’s Lance (Punisher)
wea_fan_022 Kain’s Lance (Pandoran Spear)
wea_fan_023 Kain’s Lance (Taming Pole)
wea_fan_024 Kain’s Lance (Gae Bolg)
wea_hop_000 Rising Sun
wea_hop_001 Airwing
wea_hop_002 Skycutter
wea_hop_003 Hawkeye
wea_hop_004 Eagletalon
wea_hop_005 Otshirvani
wea_hop_006 Urubutsin
wea_hop_007 Ninurta
wea_hop_008 Jatayu
wea_hop_009 Vidofnir
wea_hop_010 Hresvelgr
wea_hop_011 Simurgh
wea_hop_012 Tezcatlipoca
wea_hop_013 Malphas
wea_hop_014 Naberius
wea_hop_015 Alicanto
wea_hop_016 Caladrius
wea_hop_017 Nue (Airwing)
wea_hop_018 Nue (Hawkeye)
wea_hop_019 Nue (Otshirvani)
wea_hop_020 Nue (Ninurta)
wea_hop_021 Nue (Vidofnir)
wea_hop_022 Nue (Simurgh)
wea_hop_023 Nue (Malphas)
wea_hop_024 Nue (Alicanto)
wea_lig_000 Godslayer
wea_lig_001 Blazefire Saber
wea_lig_002 Flamberge
wea_lig_003 Axis Blade
wea_lig_004 Enkindler
wea_lig_005 Edged Carbine
wea_lig_006 Razor Carbine
wea_lig_007 Lifesaber
wea_lig_008 Peacemaker
wea_lig_009 Gladius
wea_lig_010 Helter-Skelter
wea_lig_011 Organyx
wea_lig_012 Apocalypse
wea_lig_013 Hauteclaire
wea_lig_014 Durandal
wea_lig_015 Lionheart
wea_lig_016 Ultima Weapon
wea_lig_017 Omega Weapon (Blazefire Saber)
wea_lig_018 Omega Weapon (Axis Blade)
wea_lig_019 Omega Weapon (Edged Carbine)
wea_lig_020 Omega Weapon (Lifesaber)
wea_lig_021 Omega Weapon (Gladius)
wea_lig_022 Omega Weapon (Organyx)
wea_lig_023 Omega Weapon (Hauteclaire)
wea_lig_024 Omega Weapon (Lionheart)
wea_saz_000 Death Penalties
wea_saz_001 Vega 42s
wea_saz_002 Altairs
wea_saz_003 Spica Defenders
wea_saz_004 Sirius Sidearms
wea_saz_005 Deneb Duellers
wea_saz_006 Canopus AMPs
wea_saz_007 Rigels
wea_saz_008 Polaris Specials
wea_saz_009 Aldebarans
wea_saz_010 Sadalmeliks
wea_saz_011 Pleiades Hi-Powers
wea_saz_012 Hyades Magnums
wea_saz_013 Antares Deluxes
wea_saz_014 Fomalhaut Elites
wea_saz_015 Procyons
wea_saz_016 Betelgeuse Customs
wea_saz_017 Total Eclipses (Vega 42s)
wea_saz_018 Total Eclipses (Spica Defenders)
wea_saz_019 Total Eclipses (Deneb Duellers)
wea_saz_020 Total Eclipses (Rigels)
wea_saz_021 Total Eclipses (Aldebarans)
wea_saz_022 Total Eclipses (Pleiades Hi-Powers)
wea_saz_023 Total Eclipses (Antares Deluxes)
wea_saz_024 Total Eclipses (Procyons)
wea_sno_000 Omnipotence
wea_sno_001 Wild Bear
wea_sno_002 Feral Pride
wea_sno_003 Paladin
wea_sno_004 Winged Saint
wea_sno_005 Rebel Heart
wea_sno_006 Warrior’s Greatcoat
wea_sno_007 Power Circle
wea_sno_008 Battle Coat
wea_sno_009 Feymark
wea_sno_010 Soul Blazer
wea_sno_011 Sacrificial Circle
wea_sno_012 Indomitus
wea_sno_013 Unsetting Sun
wea_sno_014 Midnight Sun
wea_sno_015 Umbra
wea_sno_016 Solaris
wea_sno_017 Save the Queen (Wild Bear)
wea_sno_018 Save the Queen (Paladin)
wea_sno_019 Save the Queen (Rebel Heart)
wea_sno_020 Save the Queen (Power Circle)
wea_sno_021 Save the Queen (Feymark)
wea_sno_022 Save the Queen (Sacrificial Circle)
wea_sno_023 Save the Queen (Unsetting Sun)
wea_sno_024 Save the Queen (Umbra)
wea_van_000 Faerie Tail
wea_van_001 Binding Rod
wea_van_002 Hunter’s Rod
wea_van_003 Tigerclaw
wea_van_004 Wyrmfang
wea_van_005 Healer’s Staff
wea_van_006 Physician’s Staff
wea_van_007 Pearlwing Staff
wea_van_008 Brightwing Staff
wea_van_009 Rod of Thorns
wea_van_010 Orochi Rod
wea_van_011 Mistilteinn
wea_van_012 Erinye’s Cane
wea_van_013 Belladonna Wand
wea_van_014 Malboro Wand
wea_van_015 Heavenly Axis
wea_van_016 Abraxas
wea_van_017 Nirvana (Binding Rod)
wea_van_018 Nirvana (Tigerclaw)
wea_van_019 Nirvana (Healer’s Staff)
wea_van_020 Nirvana (Pearlwing Staff)
wea_van_021 Nirvana (Rod of Thorns)
wea_van_022 Nirvana (Mistilteinn)
wea_van_023 Nirvana (Belladonna Wand)
wea_van_024 Nirvana (Heavenly Axis)


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