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9 rolls: ミヘン street newly opened road to the north

10 rolls: Kinoko rock street cliff

11 volumes: ジョゼ street

12 volumes: phantom light river, the north shore シパ – f station to get

13 rolls: グアドサラム Civil house

14 volumes: Lei plains travel company ~ ~ answer “Maa Maa”

15 rolls: Makara-Nihan no Mori road with a lake

Vol. 16: Makara-Nihu Lake Travel company before

17 rolls: Sanebia sand desert Central

Vol. 19: The Houses of the Arbids

20 Volumes: Arvid’s Home-Middle

Volume 21: Alveda’s Home-Main Road

Volume 22: The Palace of St. Belleville. Monk’s pathway

Volume 23: Nagi Plain Central Chikobo? The blindness of the dessert and the dessert of the village

Volume 24: the upper left corner of the Lemium Temple

25 rolls: the theft of the prayers of the cave, 1 of the eyes of the セ-BuPointe Kara left of the line of stopping the marri

Super speed growth AP secret technique (BY thesun_125(名物观世正宗))

First, buy 4 abilities are empty weapons, and then start to transform up the following 3 abilities

1、Transfer anger slot to AP ドライブをapに需要明日への扉×10

2, anger slot 3 times growth トリプルドライブ need 勝利の方程式×30

3、AP 3 times ap 3 times need Unknownへの翼×50

Then set your character’s rage slot growth to “Confrontation” or “Crisis”, then find a very weak enemy, don’t kill it, turn it into a static or slowed down state, and then all of us accelerate, then keep pressing the triangle button, so that each round AP will grow, continuous for 3 or 4 hours, and then kill the enemy, you will find astronomical numbers of AP to you, oh, go the whole plate is no longer a dream ……

Note: If it’s a “crisis” growth method, make sure to keep your HP as low as possible and find an enemy that won’t attack you, such as the white bomb in the cave at the bottom of the valley.

How to win the most efficient water ball and get the Mercury Holy Seal (BY thesun_125(名物观世正宗))

1, after the last game of the league, to immediately exit save. then go in to see the new league prizes, if not good prizes take progress and start over, the prize will change.

2, if there are three people in the team is the top scorer (the same number of goals), will get three top scorer prizes. I have the same number of goals scored by all three people in every league.

3. To sign the strongest player, pay attention to the number of games left in his current contract. Play a training game with his team, press the triangle button at the beginning of the game to concede and quit, and so on, and you will soon reach the last game before his current signing. Note that if you talk to him on the usual screen before his last game, the chances of him becoming a free agent after his old contract expires will be greatly increased.

4、The prizes of the three od techniques are in the order of tournament – league – tournament.

5、After obtaining the three od techniques, be careful not to enter the new league at the save point. If you enter the new league after talking to the lady at the counter at Lucca’s tournament field, there is a high chance that the prize will be the Mercury Holy Seal.

The second ending

Now announce the correct and easiest way to see the second ending (the most correct).

1. The water polo match can be won by simply winning.

2. must let TIDUS see the father’s memory board

3. The previously mentioned and YUNA dialogue conditions are all completed.

4. obtain all 10 summoned beasts (Wind of Wafrai, Inflammation of Efreet, Thunder of Ixion, Water of Siva, Dragon King Bahamut, Money Bodyguard, Chained Anima, Three Sisters of the Otherworld).

5. wedding as long as YUNA’s lines have changed, play YUNALEISGA when the plot will be completely different.

6. When the ending CG begins, watch carefully, if it is the second ending, then YUNA will jump into the arms of TIDUS, and AURON disappeared before the lines will also have “his daughter … Heart match” words.

If you have seen these, congratulations. This is the perfect ending, to watch the STAFF to the end oh. (In fact, the first and the second are more perfect, but the presentation is different, the first is more difficult to understand, by guessing, the second straightforward.

FFX practice money

After getting the airship late in the game, you can find a small island in the east of the map – メマ Ruins. The monsters inside are very strong and easy to destroy all. The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a good idea of what you want to do. The maze can also be randomly encountered in the treasure chest with theft technology to steal, the treasure chest into a magical beast about 50,000, strong physical attack, the best use of Bahamut as a must-kill attack twice to get, money 50,000. Cool! The depths of the labyrinth are easy to handle after practicing.



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