Final Fantasy 10 modification cheats


Final Fantasy 10 modification cheats

Final Fantasy 10 modification cheats

First download the latest game modifier: Click here to learn and download the latest game modifier

Required code

EC883A14 1456E79B


1CA851C0 1DBC9E0C

Full props

9C8E7A20 0C58B4CB

Gold MAX after a fight

1C8E6744 B0B3A12D

Full OD ドライブ technology

1CA851E4 61DFB00C

1CA851E8 61DFB00C

1CA851EC 61DFB00C

4CA851F0 1456B00C

All important props

1CA85604 61DFB00C

1CA85608 144FB010

All staff S.LV98

9C8E51F8 14D6D7BA

9C8E69A8 0C58B443

Full capacity MAX


1C8E7118 B118E7A1


1C8E7058 B106E79D

Attack power

4C8E7076 145684E3


4C8E708A 145684E3


4C8E709E 145684E3

Magic defense

4C8E70B2 145684E3


4C8E70DA 145684E3


4C8E70EE 145684E3


1C8E7004 B518E7D3

1C8E700C 9118E7C1


Viewing Mode

When the game reaches ポルトキーリヵ on the north side of the map, look carefully and you will find a theater inside a boat. There are two people at the door, go up to them and talk to them to buy all the music stones and movie stones of the game, then go to the ticket office and talk to them to enter the theater, then you can enjoy all the CG and music in FFX.

The ultimate summoned beast

When the game to the Nagi plains, in the north side of the map there is a glowing square pattern on the station after the optional up, down, left and right selection can enter to obtain the ultimate summoned beast.

Series of secret techniques

1.- ヴァルファ-レ’s another o-ba-draib technique

After fighting with Kimari at the intersection of the ruins, go back to the goods store in the village of Visad and talk to someone, you will hear “うちのこが何か拾ってたみたいだけど? Then you can find the dog, talk to him, and then you will get? べとべとした何か? This will be able to learn the ヴァルファ-レ another オ-バ-ドライブ technique “シュ-ティングパワ-“.

2.- After the summoned beast’s stamina drops, you can use the same attribute of the attack magic to restore stamina.

For example, after summoning ikoshion, you can use サンダラで to restore physical strength.


If you collect it, you can get it by using A-Ron’s O-Ba-Draib technique.

Place of acquisition

Gagaゼド Mountain, near Se-Busfia

Visad Village, near the right side of Visad Temple

Contact ship “Riki”, steering room

Jiruga street, the most famous road

Kenoko rock street cliff, under Cebusfia

Lightning plains, near the right lightning rod

The south of Makara-Nihanomori, near セ-Busfia

4. Press △ when fighting is automatic defense

-If you let a fast party join your team, you can make a preemptive attack.

For example, リュック’s speed is very fast but low attack power, let her join the team first and then let the low speed but high attack power of A-roon join the team after the battle.

5. The map screen does not have the battle of the “air music na wrist wheel”.

After getting the airship, go to the right end of the continent on the map to investigate and you will find the remains of Omega. The enemy there, Reyes, has a wheel.

6. Seal of the Seven Stars

This is necessary to make the legendary weapon

How to get the Mirror of the Seven Stars and the Mirror of the Seven Stars

Go to the Remiyaum Temple. The location is on the Nagi Plain, take a land bird and go down to the right. There you will find the くもった mirror.

Then you can change the mirror after the parent-child event in Makara-Niwa.

If you have a weapon of the seven planets, you can also power up. (Averittis – will change)


After you get the Seal of the Moon Star, you can get the Seal of the Moon Star from the island of Bayside. Hamabe

The Seal of Mars The Treasure Chest of the Other World

The Seal of Mercury: In the “Luka’s Brisbane” control room

The Seal of Jupiter: Around the pillars in the vicinity of the Gargad, Simoa and the battlefield

The seal of Venus: the sand of the Bi-Canal

The seal of Saturn: Mithun street? South of the old road

The Seal of the Sun The same place after the fall of the Unasca

Seal of the Moon

The Seal of the Moon – Lemium Temple

The holy seal of Mars. 200 times in a row in the Thunder Plains Minicom, Thunder Evasion

Holy Seal of Mercury: The scenery of the Bolshoi

Seal of Jupiter

The Holy Seal of Venus The Sandy Desert, Subotenda-Minicum scenery

Sacred Seal of Saturn: Minicom, Monsignor Collection

The Holy Seal of the Sun

7. After getting the airship can go to several hidden locations

1). Visad Rainbow Taki x29.209 y74.073 z0.000

2) Sand dunes of Sanuvia x15.590 y41.605 z0.120

3)ミヘン海上遗遗 x34.089 y58.418 z0.256

4)バ-ジ=エボン寺院 x16.301 y57.353 z0.019

5)キノコ rock battlefield ruins x44.045 y57.127 z0.223

6)オメガ relics x73.133 y33.580 z0.011

8. alped language dictionary get location

Volume 1: The deck of the sarve-ji ship (deep right of the screen)

Volume 2: Bisaide Village Crusade Dormitory

3 volumes: inside the power room of the ship Riki

4 rolls: キ-rika island sake farm

5 rolls: the steering room of the ship ウイノ

6 volumes: port city ルカ hallway in front of the rest room

Volume 7: Port city ルカ theater

Volume 8: the street of ミヘン travel company

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