Feeding Frenzy 2 game cheats

Feeding Frenzy 2 game cheats

Operation method: mouse control to move left and right.
Gannets: In the level on the water, you should not only pay attention to the underwater fish, but also the gannets flying in the sky! Hope your little fish is not near the water when it opens its big mouth, otherwise the little fish will be tragic.
Small flying insects: Some small insects that look a bit like mosquitoes and moths fly on the water. You can make small fish jump out of the water to eat them. The water absorption capacity of small fish is also effective in the air.
Barracuda tail logo: We saw barracuda in the second generation, and now your little fish can eat it. Let the little fish bite its tail, it will come back to eat you, pay attention to dodge, after 4 bites, it will become smaller and become your delicious meal! And the score is not low (1000 points)!
“Magic Mushroom” Bubble: After eating, it can make the big fish smaller (especially when dealing with BOSS fish), but the score will be reduced accordingly.
“Hook” bubble: A fishing line appears, and it will help you draw away all the big fish.
“Electric Light” Bubble: It can make the entire screen temporarily bright (in some levels, the screen is black, and Xiaoyu’s field of view is also very small).
Plankton: Like a small flower, it can light up a small part of the screen (also only appears in some levels).
“Little Fish Shield” Bubble: After eating, a colorful little fish will always follow you. If you accidentally hit a big fish, it will sacrifice, but your little fish will not.
“FF” bubble: Increase the score by up to 6 times. (Pay attention to the color of the “FRENZY!” character at the top of the screen)
Mysterious Shadow: In fact, it is the figure of the BOSS fish. In the end, it finally appeared (still an alien species), very good at absorbing water. When fighting it, stun it with a mine and use the “magic mushroom” bubble to shrink it.
Green Fish: This bad guy has been known to players for a generation. In the second generation, you will find that it will not be digested by the small fish, and the small fish will spit it out after the detoxification (other fish eat it too). In the later stages of the game, you will find that the little green fishes dare to swim in groups, so be careful!
Cuttlefish (Cuttlefish): Cuttlefish are courageous. When they see a big fish, they will spray ink and run away. The ink will affect the movement of the small fish (they keep spinning, and the speed will slow down), and other big fish will touch the ink. Usually leave, but the duration of the ink is not very long.
Jumped out of the water: This is a very interesting thing. The little fish can turn somersaults in the air. If you have eaten the “lightning” bubble, your little fish can jump very high and can turn somersaults up to 4 in the air. The game will tell you the height reached each time the little fish jumps out of the water. If you can break the previous record, you will see the “PersonalBest” medal. When falling from the air, don’t let the little fish’s belly touch the water first, otherwise the little fish will be dizzy for a while (it depends on the player’s skill). If you can get into the water perfectly, you can also get a high score.

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