Fate game cheats

Enter first in the game


Is the tilde next to keyboard 1

You can call up the console


god level 10

fame plus 1000 reputation

gold plus 500,000

lvlup up 1 level

Shrine of Learning randomly gets buff

Ascend X   Raise X dungeons (X is a number)
Descend X  Lower X dungeons (X is a number)

Discoverall displays the full picture of the current maze

Blood, blood mode

Dumpmap shows the description of the current maze

Experience plus 5000 experience

Shrine of Learning, you can increase strength, agility, magic, etc.
Fate Statue Temple of Destiny, that’s the black-robed man’s platform, where 2 monsters or 2 gems can come out

heal full of blood

Fountain of Health-Summon spring water to add blood to yourself

Fountain of Mana-Summon spring water to add magic to yourself

Fountain of Stamina-Summon spring water to strengthen yourself

Fountain of Wellness-Summon spring water to reduce blood and blue for yourself and enemies

Magic Anvil adds attributes to weapons

Warrior’s equipment:
Plate Belt
Great Helm
Great Sword
Spiked Plate Gauntlets Glove
Full Plate Boots boots
Spiked Shield
These are the top-level equipment for general fighters, and some equipment attributes that require prestige value are better. You can add Elite <space> before the equipment, such as

: Elite Plate Belt requires Distinguished (famous) defense, 108, and ordinary defense 56
The reputation required for the Legendary Plate Belt is Demigod and defense is 226
Of course, the higher the defense, the higher the strength required

Here are some useful gems:
Superior Ruby on the weapon fire attack +10
Superior Turquoise on the weapon +10
Superior Opal on the weapon ice attack +10
Superior Sunstong on the weapon +10 against undead
Superior Bloodstone damage +10
Superior Zircon +15% chance of finding magic items
Superior Tourmaline damage rebound +10%
Superior Peridot Lifesteal +6%
Superior Lapis use magic speed +10%
Superior Obsidian refused +4
Superior Jade attack speed +15%
Superior Tanzanite stamina +10
Superior Topaz Attack +10%
Superior Sapphire Mana Recovery +10
Superior Amethyst health regeneration +10

The above are ordinary gems
Here are some dark gold gems:
Star Sapphire of Ages defensive magic +5
Beastheart critical strike +5
Angel Heart Health
Watcher of the Stars defense magic +5
Trickster’s Bauble Attack Speed ​​+9%, Damage Rebound +9%
Winter’s Moon Summon Magic +5
The Covetous Heart find magic items +12%, reduce item requirements +5%
Adamantine Bauble no drop 12%
Empire Stone strength, physical agility +5%
Philosopher’s Stone magic +5, magic value +5%
Hadrian’s Crystal Attack +20
Gem of Ages 30% to avoid fire, 30% to avoid ice
Demonocchio 7% blood, attack mana +7
Salt of the Earth avoid electricity by 30%, stamina +5

There are also some dark gold equipment. I personally think that dark gold equipment is not as good as green. If you want to get more attributes, you can go to the penguin to smash it, or use the above

Magic Anvil.
Introduce some dark gold equipment, just three:
Peronto’s Cheesehead of the Emerald Bay Super funny hat, highly recommended. It is probably an easter egg added by programmers.
The Vanguard Serrated Sword
Festy’s Rope-a-Dope belt

List of gem attributes
Gold gem names and attributes
Adamantine Bauble      12%CR 7%DTR
solid stone jewelry

Avaricious Pearl        20%MGD 40%MF
greedy pearl

Andrew Swift’s Turquoise Eye  10%MSB 20%ER
Andrew Swift’s Turquoise Eye

Angel Heart          12%life 4HRR -10Attack
Angel Heart

Beast Heart          12%Attack 2HRR 5Critical Skill
heart of the beast

Dwarf’s Delight        25%MGD 6Hammer Skill
dwarf’s love

Demonocchio         7%LS 7AMS
Demon Power

Empire Stone         5%Strenght 5%Dexterity 5%Vitality
Imperial Stone

Eye of the serpent       12%Mana 10MRR -5%MSB
Devil’s Eye

Fist of samson         7%Damage 10Strength -10Magic
Samson’s Fist

Gem of False Hopes      Nothing
gem of disappointment

Gem of Ages         30%IR 30%FR
The gem of the century

Hadrian’s Crystal        20Attack 5polearm Skill 5DTR
Hadrian’s Crystal

Philosopher’s Stone      5Magic 5%Mana -5%Stamina
Philosopher’s Stone

Salt of the Earth        30%ER 5Vitality
The salt of the earth

Star sapphire of Ages      9MRR 5DMS
Century Star Sapphire

Trickster’s Bauble       9%AS 9DRE
Magician’s accessories

The covetous Heart      12%MF -5RIR
greedy heart

The Daystar    48FR(Armor) 12DU(Weapon) -3Mana Drained 3Knockback
Morning Star

Watcher of the stars      7%ICB 5DM
the patron saint of stars

Wicked Edge         7AxeSkill 10%Damage -10%life
Sinister Edge


Fishing must be in France
1. Go to the fishing spot and open the inventory (I)

2, shake off the fishing rod, after the fishing rod enters the water, open the pet inventory (P)

3. Then wait and pay attention to the sound. When you hear the sound of “flapping”, it is the sound of the fish hooking (which can be changed to other sounds \FATE\SOUNDS\fishsplash), then in the middle of the bottom row of the pet inventory ( It’s actually where the frame of the lever should appear) Click

4. Close the pet inventory and the fish is 100% hooked. In fact, as long as you open the left and right columns to completely cover the screen after the fishing rod enters the water, it is enough to stop the time~ I hope it will be useful for everyone who can’t grasp the time well~

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