Fate game cheats

Fate game cheats

Fate game cheats

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + ~ during the game, a small question mark will appear on the left side of the screen, and then you can enter the following cheats:

[Item name]⇒Manufacturing item (just enter the item name)
[Animal Name]⇒Summon an animal as a baby: Example input “Cat” or “Terrier”
Heal⇒Full of life
God⇒Up to 10 levels (including babies)
Fame⇒Add 1000 reputation
Gold⇒500,000 gold
Dumpmap⇒Create a description of the current maze and save it to the file maze.txt
Experience⇒Add 5000 experience
Flawless Luminette⇒Feed it to the pet and he will become a black panther forever.
Super Healing Charm⇒Super Healing Charm, which can be used 8 times, plus 400HP each time
Descend #⇒ lower #dungeon (# is a number, the same below)
Ascend #⇒ Improve# Dungeon
Fate Statue⇒Fate Statue, you can randomly come out monsters or gems
Shrine Of Learning⇒Learn the temple, you can increase strength, agility, magic, etc.
Magic Anvil⇒Magic anvil, used for washing equipment
Fountain of Wellness⇒Restore the Temple (Life + Magic)
Fountain Of Health⇒Temple of Life
Fountain Of Stamina⇒Temple of Stamina
Fountain of Mana⇒Magic Temple
Small Chest⇒Useless?
Large Chest⇒Useless?
Storage trunk⇒Useless? (May be useful in the dungeon)
Weapon Rack⇒Useless?
Blood⇒Blood mode
Noblood⇒Exit bloody mode
discoverall⇒Display the full map of the current dungeon

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