Far Cry game cheats

First, right-click on the shortcut of Far Cry on the desktop, select properties, in the pop-up window, in the target list, enter “-DEVMODE” after the last three letters of exe, if not, add a space between exe and -DEVMODE. Then find the DevMode.lua file in your installation directory.

and open it with Notepad! Add at the end:

Function ToggleGod()

If (not god) then





If (god==1) then

Hud:AddMessage(“[CHEAT]: God-Mode ON”);

System:LogToConsole(“God-Mode ON”);


Hud:AddMessage(“[CHEAT]: God-Mode OFF”);

System:LogToConsole(“God-Mode OFF”);




After the last double-click the modified shortcut to start the game, press the following keys in the game to open the corresponding cheats:

F3 resurrection point

P open all weapons

O fill up all ammunition to 999

F4 through the wall

F2 moves to the next inspection level

F9 save the current location

F10 read the current location

F11 additional information

F1 switch between first person and third person

Backspace key God mode

Plus key to increase speed

Minus key to slow down

F5 returns to normal speed


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