Fallout New Vegas game cheats

In the game, press ~ to open the console, enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats function
SexChange change gender
tcl through wall mode
QQQ Quit the game quickly
player.setav skill # Set the corresponding skill level to # (#Maximum is 100)
Unlock can open any locked cabinet or invade the computer, etc.
(Need to click the corresponding item first)
tgm invincible mode
tmm 1 All map markers
addspecialpoints # Set the number of special ability points to #
player.additem 000000F # Get #caps
setgs fmoverunmult # Set the moving speed of game characters (default is 4)
activate open door
player.setweaponhealthperc 100 Set the current weapon state to 100.
resurrect resurrect the selected NPC or enemy
kill kill the selected NPC or enemy
player.additem 00103b1c # Add a specified number of blue star bottle caps
player.setlevel # Set the level to #
CloseAllMenus Close all menus
player.srm repair items
player.additem 001465A6 1 Get a powerful pistol
ShowBarberMenu change hair
ShowPlasticSurgeonMenu change face
setownership change the ownership of the selected item
(The effect on characters is not yet known)
removeallitems remove all items of the selected NPC
RewardKarma # +#Ethical (# is a number)
tfow Fog of War On/Off
player.resethealth full of life
player.modav carryweight # Set the maximum weight (# is a number)
player.addperk PERK code Add PERK
movetoqt sends the player to the specified target
setgs fJumpHeightMin # Set the player’s jumping ability (default is 64)
SetGS fVATSHitChanceMult 100 Perfect VATS mode
(Computer controlled precision strike system)
tg Weed display on/off
tfc free viewing angle switch
(Useful when taking screenshots)
setpccanusepowerarmor 1 allows players to put on energy armor

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