Fallout game cheats

Fallout game cheats

Fallout game cheats

Press SHIFT and click the’Credits’ button ⇒ the developer’s “comment” content
In the producer interface, enter boom⇒show ​​a head
Increase money

At the Hub, first go to the merchant ship of the Crimson Caravan and talk to the woman in the green coat of the Caravan Trader and take the next task. Wait until the day when the task must be completed, go to the woman in green and tell her that you have other tasks to complete (I have something else at hand). Now you can go straight to the entrance of Heb Center and talk to the leader of the Crimson Caravan (the man standing in the middle). At this time, he will give you 600 Crown Corks without having to work for him. This method can be used multiple times.

Increase Stimpak

After Bonyard solves the Regulator, go and talk to a person named Michael in Blade. He will give you some Stimpak, and you will talk to him later and give it again. After a few times, there will be a lot of Stimpak.

Get experience value

In Boneyard’s Warehouse, kill Deathclaws (including its mother and all eggs), go back to Gun Runners, talk to the guard by the bridge, and say “I need to speak to Gabriel…it is very important”, he Will let you pass. Then go to see Gabriel and ask him for weapons and ammo (Weapons and Ammos), then you can have 1000 experience points and 1 Karma. Then leave, go to the Warehouse, and return to the Gun runner… Such repeated actions can be upgraded in a short time; it is easier to earn experience points than killing Deathclaw.

Not counting rounds

Enter Combat mode, take out the ammunition from the gun and put it in your hand (don’t have a gun in your hand), approach an enemy and shoot it as a target. The person will say “Did your mama thought you that move?!” if. At this time, you can have an unlimited number of rounds, whether you are moving or shooting at the enemy, the number of rounds will not be counted.

Copy things

Enter the game, read the progress (the more things the more expensive, the better), then throw all the items on the ground, and then save (but not in the wilderness), find the original archive 1-10 directory (in FalloutSavegame) and copy ( It is the copy of the file manager) The scene just saved in Slot ?? is copied to another archive directory (just copy the scene just now), and then enter the game read progress again (for example, the scene of Slot 1 is copied to slot2, so that you can read the game Archive 2), but the two archives must be in the same scene (if successful, things on the ground in Archive 1 will also be in Archive 2).

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