Fallout 3 game cheats

Press “~” in the game to turn on the console, and then press “~” to close it after typing

modpca attribute name #
The attribute corresponding to the attribute name, such as luck, add #dot (note that it is case-sensitive)

player.setAV skill or attribute name #
Set the value of the skill or attribute named “Skill or Attribute Name” to # For example “player.setAV Luck 10” Pay attention to the space, “.” is a period

Note: Don’t change the skills when you are not at the full level… you can’t upgrade if you change them~~~~~ (There is a way to modify the skills in the upgrade screen, and the modification must be completed if the effect is invisible at the time. It can only be displayed after the upgrade, but don’t change too many levels of 100, or you can’t continue to upgrade if you can’t finish the points. Also, if you use 1280×1024 resolution in window mode, you may not see the console, pay attention

player.additem 0000000F #
Increase # number of gold coins

Invincible mode……….. There is no need to lock blood…
Enter again to release

Upgrade now

Use the mouse to select people or other creatures, and enter commands to kill in seconds.

Use the mouse to select the door or box, and enter the command

player.setlevel # Set the player level to #

Official cheats (similar to small differences, added karma points)
tgm invincible mode
tcl through wall mode
tmm1 all map markers
player.setAV <ability> # Set the ability value (# is 1-10)
player.setAV <skill name> # Set the skill level to # (maximum 100)
player.additem 0000000F # Get a specified amount of money (# is a number)
addspecialpoints # add # features
setspecialpoints # Set the characteristics to #
rewardKarma # Increase the specified number of Karma points
getXPfornextlevel Upgrade one level (get one level up experience)
GetQuestCompleted completes the current request/tracking
tfc free viewing angle (useful when taking screenshots)
tm HUD on/off (useful when taking screenshots)
unlock Open all locked doors or cabinets etc.
removefromallfactions withdraw from all factions
setpccanusepowerarmor <0 or 1> Energy armor (on/off)
settagskills # Set Tag skill points #
addtagskills # Increase the specified number of skill points
help lists all commands

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