fallout 2 game cheats

fallout 2 game cheats

fallout 2 game cheats


In the beginning of the village, the whetstone could be stolen directly from Aunt Mali.

3 cheats

1. You are not allowed to enter the shelter without becoming a citizen of the underground bunker city. It is actually very easy to go in and get the documents. Choose a weapon in front of the shelter and enter the fighting state, go straight into the door, OK! It won’t cause a fight.

2. Save the progress when there is one action point left in the battle, and then extract it, the action points are full!

3. In the game, you will encounter a man who guards the bridge. Once you talk to him, he will ask you some questions in Fallout 1. If you can’t answer his questions, you will be killed by one blow. But if you are strong enough, you don’t need to talk to him. Switch to a combat state and kill him (with 400 HP). You can get a purple robe from him. The guardianship level is 30. The resistance is good.

4. In Navarro, far south of Arroyo, there is a mechanical dog partner. Enter from the basement first, and then kill the scientist, the dog will recognize you as the master, and then slip to the ground apron to install the K-9 motor on the dog. That’s it. (Navarro enemy is very strong, but only kill two soldiers wearing combat uniforms, and then bypass a heavy armored person, you can steal a bunch of good weapons, including a great pair of heavy armor.)

Change desktop icon

Create a shortcut on the WIN95/98 desktop, and then use the Settings/Control Panel/Display/Effects option to open “Large incons”. The game icon on the desktop will become a new graphic.

Development team comments

Hold [Shift] and click the “Credits” button to hear different comments from the development team.

Unlimited money:

Enter: “Broken Hills”. Go to the right to the screen picture (miners are waiting for you to clear the mine). After entering the mining area, run to the right. It looks like there are stones blocking your way, don’t worry, those stones are just an illusion that makes you think you’re over. After approaching, you will find that you can pass through those stones. There is a non-year-conscious person there. Wake him up, (he will run out of the mining area) and rare ores can be found nearby. Get out of the mining area and return to the first screen. Below the traders at the bottom of the screen is: “Broken Hills Ore Refinery”. Walk in and talk to the boss (in the office). Sell ​​him the ore and rest for 25 hours. After waking up, talk to the boss again and ask for the ore. The boss will ask if you can sell the ore to him because the city needs it, and is willing to give you $1000 plus 500 more. Talk to the boss again after getting the extra $500. If it is correct, he will pay again. Repeat this method to get the amount of money you want. It should be noted that do not give the ore to the boss for free, or only sell it for $1000. If that happens, the boss will not pay you anymore. (If the game uses a patch, this cheat will not be available)

Stimpacks and Antidote

Make Mayron get the required amount of Stimpacks and Antidote ingredients, and he will figure out the rest.

Unlimited action points

Use action points to count to the remaining point, and then quickly save. Load the saved progress and you will find that the action points are full again.


Chat with the person who can appear in the dialogue window, then trade with him/her, move his/her weapon or armor to the inventory on the left, and select “Talk” to leave the dialogue window, then you can steal it by stealing skills His/her weapon or armor is out. For example: Rebecc, the casino owner in the town of The Den, can only steal flowers. Using the above cheats, he can steal a good knife. In the same place, Leanne, a female casino guest (you can go to Exp350 just by listening to her) can steal a gun.

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