Fallen Angel game cheats


Fallen Angel game cheats

Fallen Angel game cheats

Secret technique

In the normal state, press [Ctrl] + [Insert] at the same time and then enter the secret technique

ODDM⇒Press [F5] to fill up HP, MP, DP during battle
(Each time you press it, you can use special moves and resurrect the dead)
ODFULLSKILL⇒Able to learn all nirvana, magic, and skills
ODNOBAT⇒No random rate battle
ODFREESAVE⇒Archive at any time
ODGETGOLD #⇒Increase money, # is the value of money (please leave a space)
ODGETDNA #1 #2⇒Get enemy DNA elements, #1 is the enemy code, #2 is the quantity (up to 99)
ODGETITEM #1 #2⇒Get the item, #1 is the item code, #2 is the quantity (maximum 99)
Infinite attack

In the battle menu, when the AP action value is not full, there is a small arrow to the right of the “Attack” command. Move the mouse to the arrow and press the blank key to attack the enemy infinitely. The enemy has no chance to counterattack ( Note: The small arrow will appear only if you have learned the nirvana.)

Location of the strongest weapon

The strongest weapons of each character (the following can only be obtained when looking for the Fairy King after saving Tina):

Brad-Tian Sin (Go back to the town of Aikraya and click on the man who was nailed to the cross in the middle of the church, then confront the angel of sin, and get it after victory)

Silfa-Sky Tail Feather Zhang (To find the Water Elf King, you must first defeat the Guardian Beast (Deep Sea Monster), you can get it)

Gallop-Broken Soul (Find the Wood Elf King, it will give it to you, and fight with three sanction angels when you get it)

Jack-Sin and Punishment (Go to the Fire Elf King, it will give it to you)

Michelle-Dragon Bite Whip (Go to the Gorge to fight the wraith three times where you originally encountered the dragon, and get it after completion)

The fairy king has angel jewelry

Wind Elf King has fairy feather clothes

Prop synthesis

Sky Maggot + Gust Beast = Heal II

Evil Life Tree + Mimi Clan = Defense II

Ghost Face Scorpion + Blade Wind Wolf = Mana II

Blade Wind Wolf + Wasp Loli = Biochemical Attack II

Rafale + Mimi = Mind Attack II

Ghost Face Scorpion + Worm = Mind Power Attack III

Special DNA

Bloodthirsty queen + crooked angel = assault (strongly recommended for Gallop)

Bloodthirsty Queen + Bloodthirsty Queen = Cure III

Hunting insects + red membrane = mind attack III

DNA element in exchange for items

Crooked Angel x1 New Body Adult x2 Hunting Insect x3 = Soul of Ramon

Goblin Beast x1 Wind Beast x2 Crystal Demon God x2 = Crack

Elf holding method

1. In Mumu Village, there is a mumu who will ask you for a bouquet. If you choose the second option about five or six times, he will give you a wooden elf.

2. There is a land spirit in the town of Ekraya.

3. Back to the Fallen Abyss As long as Feifian is there, you can get an elf in the item shop of Lezhiyuan.

4. A water spirit wants to investigate a certain pool.

5. Call the switchboard lady of Odin (82263733) and after he rescues Tina, he will give you Odin and then spend 500,000 yuan to buy the elves from the mysterious man.

6. Use three photos to exchange elves with Martin in Fallen Abyss.

Limited edition Odin T-shirt:

On the second floor of the Kent Hotel, there will be artists using dyes and blank T-cuts (it will do it for you, please use s/l Dafa). If you encounter a mysterious man, please steal the pda from him so that you can remember it at any time…

Another: When you get the dye and the white T-shirt, you can get the hotel in the Fallen Abyss to find the service designer to change to the limited Odin T-shirt, that is, when the game just starts, I will go to visit a person from the town of Akaya, but on the way In the aisle in the hotel where the man who was beaten to death by the beasts.

Restore HP, MP (or DP) values ​​of all members

After the wind wizard takes you to the Valley of the Wind, go to MU Village to talk to the elders to restore the HP, MP (or DP) values ​​of all members.

Mystery man

When you come to Mijier Trading Company, don’t go in first. When you come out and go in, you will encounter mysterious men.


Call 82263733, press the second one, and she will tell you…

There is another phone number: 288319577, yes…

How to obtain the God of War Odin:

Elf: Kaos, after saving Tina, prepare to buy 500,000 from the mysterious man

Summoning Soul: Odin, talk to the switchboard lady after rescuing Tina

Fire Element: *Salamander—The Flame Dragon King Fabu Nilu

Salamante—The Devil Dragon Sadie Firth

Wind system: *Shilufi—Sky Guardian Yetti

Shirudin—Visitor from another world Ramon

Water system: *Wenditi — Mutant Demon Pasz

Wentina—Lord of the Sea Unger

Earth System: *Norma—Leacher of Death

Nolu—God of Earth Demon Gaia

Wood series: *Doria-artificial angel Caesar

Dorias—Fineno, the Virgin of Flowers

No attributes: Kaos—Aoting

Note: “*” means that it was bestowed by the King of Elves

Critical 15% AP 90

Flowing Clouds Dance = Settle in the Sky→Sweeping Legs→Sky

Critical 15% AP 81

Phantom with five feet = empty feet → sweeping legs → sweeping legs → shaking step

Critical 17% AP 97

Kill combo = cross palm → cross palm → cross palm → sweep leg

Critical 9% AP 76

Shui Liuyue = Arrow Swift Step → Five Lianquan → Sky

Critical 15% AP 84

Death Banquet=Arrow sprinting→Fighting→Prison Gate

Critical 21& AP 100

Falling without dust = shaking step → sky → empty foot

Critical 18% AP 87

Lei Xun collapses the sky = arrow sprints → sweeping legs → empty feet

Critical 11% AP 67

Jiefang = Guanzhang→Five Lianquan→Bengquan

Critical 11% AP 71

After the arrival of the holy angel (I haven’t tried it before, I don’t know if it is possible), you will find the’Star Moon Ring’ in the Biochemical Research Laboratory

When the wearer starts to fight, the AP value is 100, which is very easy to use.

Supplements about the Odinah method:

After rescuing Tina, you can buy the wizard Kaos from the mysterious man, and then call 82263733 to find the switchboard lady, choose the more powerful treasure I want to get the soul of Odin!

Best props

After playing the Jack Xun Enterprise Commercial Building, you can also go to the place where you can get the wizard to find some of the best items in the game!

After rescuing Tina, you can still find many good things in the Jackson Building!

Walking back and forth in the Aikraya Mountains, you will meet a “mysterious man”, ask Tina or Jessica to negotiate with him, and you will get good things! (It is best not to fight with him, he is very difficult to deal with.)

Infinite attack

One of the secrets of “Fallen Angels” is to place the mouse arrow on the small arrow next to the attack and press the space bar madly. Just press the space bar a few times and you will attack a few times. If you press a little more, you will have unlimited attacks!

How to take the wizard in the middle of the game:

First find the bouquet on a dead life in the second scene of Aikaya Town, and then at the villager under the elder of MUMU village, then you show him the bouquet, and then choose the second item after answering his question. , You can get a wizard! ! Practice it! !

Call 239-2179-74 on the phone during the game, and someone will teach you how to punch. But… 10,000 once. Expensive! !

Shortly after the beginning of the game, when I was going to visit a man who was dying from the town of Ekalaya, but was beaten to death by a beast on the way, in the corridor of that hotel, there was a person who claimed to be a fashion designer, as long as you give him Dye and pure white T-shirt, he will help you dye a super defensive clothes.

Players can not save the female singer after rescued by Fifeian, but go to the Happy Land of the Fallen Abyss. There are two shops there. Go to the one on the right to get an elf three times in a row.

1. After signing a contract with the elves, return to the town of Aikalaya to find an elves.

2. After hitting the Jexun Enterprise Commercial Building, a large group of holy angels appeared and began to purify the Lost continent. Return to the church in Akyra Town and investigate the statue on the wall. There will be a sin angel. You can get it after killing him. The ultimate sword in this game-Sin of Heaven.

3. In the mysterious land of the Fallen Abyss, you will meet a more decadent person. He will ask you if you have anything stimulating to give him. At this time, you will give him a’somewhat sex photo’,’very sexy Photos’,’Unsightly sex photos’. He will give you a wizard. (The unsightly sex photo was exchanged for five gems and one person in the Martial Land of the Fallen Abyss).

Combine keyboard and mouse to operate

In the game, the keyboard and mouse can be combined for operation. The effect is: the character can attack at any time and in any state (no need to wait)

Operation method: Point the mouse on the arrow next to the attack, (remember not to click!), then press Enter, then the attack object will appear, and then press Enter to start the attack. Isn’t it cool? Come try it!

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