Fable III cheats

Fable III cheats

Fable III cheats

Money Cheat And Legendary Weapon

Gold Key Door Locations
Gold Keys are used to open the Gold Key Doors. The Gold Key Doors are located all throughout Albion. You need a Gold Key for each door, to open it. Treasure can be behind each of the doors. Collecting all Silver and Gold Keys will also get you the “I Am The Keymaster Achievement.” Any key can be used for any door, so choose wisely! A fifth Gold Key is in the Sanctuary.
Gold Key Door 1: On your way down the path in the Catacombs under Bowerstone Castle, there is a Gold Door. Since you need a key you have to return later when you have access to the castle with a key. Inside you’ll find 30 Guild Seals!
Gold Key Door 2: In the Sunset House area, enter the main gate and take a right as soon as you set foot on the lawn. A winding path leads back to the Gold Key Door here. It’s directly across from the gazebo. Inside this Gold Key Door you’ll find a Legendary Weapon.
Gold Key Door 3: In Mourningwood you can access the Ossuary through a door in the graveyard after completing two side quests: Bored to Death and Gone but Not Forgotten (which involve Sam, Max and the Normanomicon). In the Ossuary, turn left just as you enter to find the Gold Door. Beyond it is a sarcophagus you can open for a Legendary Weapon.
Gold Key Door 4: In the Reliquary under the Academy in Brightwall Village you can find a well-hidden Gold Key Door. To get to it, you’ll need to complete the Special Delivery (Dweller Camp) and The Ancient Key (Academy) Side Quests. In the latter Side Quest you can lead Saul to a secret library in the Reliquary. Here you can make out a Flit Switch on the wall — it takes four shots from a firearm to activate it. Head up the stairs and through the door on the left. Here is a melee Flit Switch you can smack. It will float down below so vault off the edge and smack it again. After taking on the wave of Hollow Men, stairs and platforms will align to lead to the Gold Key Door. There are five chests in the area beyond called The Prism with the various pieces of the complete Highway Man Costume.

Portal’s Companion Cube
After you become King (or Queen), you can get a Royal Quest to go meet Page in the old resistance HQ and go track down the crime lord. In one of the cells (where Hobbe is worshipping), by some boxes and crates, is a wooden COMPANION CUBE from Portal!

Change Tatoo Colors
If you collect all of the 30 Auroran flowers, you can then change the color of your tatoos (dye them)other colors at any time by going to the temple in Aurora.



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