F-22 Lightning 3 game cheats

F 22 Lightning 3 game cheats

F-22 Lightning 3 game cheats

Press [Ctrl] + [Enter] and enter the following cheats [Enter] to confirm that you can get the corresponding effect:

trust no one⇒God mode
the truth is out there⇒Unlimited ammo
fight the future⇒Full ammo
black oil ⇒ come on
i want to believe ⇒ will not crash
this isnt happening⇒Free repair
ghostpit⇒ stealth fighter
Online cheating password

1. First create a file miota.txt in the root directory of the c drive, and then enter a line of text in it.

2. Start the game and enter novaworld, join a raw game (or battle mode)

3. Then enter the codes below one by one, paying attention to adding a colon before each code.

: Eric
: Was
: Here When you finish typing the code above, it will prompt “cheats enabled” and you can use the password:
: HEAL (add blood): NOCRASH
: AMMO (plus ammunition)
: REFUEL (refueling)
: RELOAD (reload ammunition)
: FAST (speed up the flight): I: U: GO

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