Extreme Assault game cheats

Extreme Assault game cheats

Extreme Assault game cheats

Enter oh dear in the main menu to turn on cheats mode (must be lowercase)
Use the following key combinations in the game to get the corresponding effect
[Alt] + 1 ⇒ full ammo
[Alt] + 2⇒Weapon upgrade
[Alt] + 3⇒Full energy
[Alt] + 4⇒Invincible
[Alt] + 6⇒Complete the mission
[Alt] + 7⇒The enemy stays still
[Alt] + 8⇒Helicopter mode
[Alt] + 9⇒Tank car mode
[Alt] + 0⇒Adjust speed
Other cheats
Enter EMERTXE in the main menu and press
[Alt]-U⇒Drive a flying saucer

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