Euro Truck Simulator 2 easy access to gold coin cheats

Euro Truck Simulator 2 easy access to gold coin cheats

Today, we brought the money cheats of Euro Truck Simulator 2 to the majority of players, so that everyone can easily get a lot of money, let’s take a look.

1. Find my document-Euro Truck Simulator -save folder
2, use Notepad to open the archive file game.sii inside
3, use search to find the following sentence
Bank: _nameless.0325.BAC8 {money_account: 5200}
4. The next 5200 is the amount of money you need to modify. Personally think that if you modify it to 400,000, you can buy the permits of all countries and all the goods. At that time, no matter what the front is, you can buy it with money.
1. When the game is just installed, there is no game.sii file mentioned above. At this time, you can only enter the game first, after buying the front of the car, ESC save the game, and then exit the modification!
2. If you need other types of car heads, you can put the downloaded car head scs file into the My Documents-Euro Truck Simulator -mod folder.

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