Etherlords 2 game cheats

Enter first~ Turn on secret mode

then enter the space EtherRevelation (note the case)

When entering the space on the map, give all all resources +15 (except aura)

Enter the space open_fog to lift the fog of the battlefield

enter the space win task to pass

The following is when fighting again, enter the space view spells to see the codes of all spells and summon creatures

enter a space add spell code to get a spell

Enter the space add creature code to get creatures

enter the space change enemy health number to change the enemy health (the number is the enemy’s health)

Enter the space change health number to change your health (the number is your health)

Enter the space change mana number to change your aura value

(The numbers are their own aura values)

enter the space change links number to change your aura slot (the number is your own aura slot)

enter the space win to win the battle

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