Etherlords 1 game cheats


Etherlords 1 game cheats

Etherlords 1 game cheats

In the game, press [~] to open the console, and enter “EtherRevelation” to open the cheats mode.

Enter the following cheats in the game to get the corresponding effect

1. The following cheats are valid in Adventure Mode (Adventure Mode)

Effect Cheats
Remove the fog of war open_fog
Start the fog of war hide_fog
failure lose
victory win
Quick archive save
Fast loading load
Player information player
Get all 15 resources give all
Display resource information view resources
? view heroes
? open_tomb
? test
? set
? net start
? net connect
? net host

2. The following cheats are valid in Combat Mode (Combat Mode)

Effect Cheats
failure lose
victory win
Show enemy dominance view_hand
Hide the enemy’s dominance hide_hand
Trade with the enemy/ swap
Show enemy information view army
Show allies information view hand
Battle related information view players
List all spells and summons (code) view spells
Obtain the corresponding spell add spell [Spell Code]
Summon creature add creature [creature code]
Set hero life change health [number]
Set hero magic change mana [number]
Set hero aura change links [number]
Set the health of enemy heroes change enemy [number]
? spec
? disenchant
? view creature

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