ENTER THE MATRIX Detailed game strategy

At the beginning of the game, you will first enter the screen for selecting the male and female protagonists. The male and female protagonists can choose arbitrarily. After the selection, the game can be played. Here, the female protagonist is selected.

After the protagonist and heroine arranged their equipment, they set off to the destination by car. The goal of this mission is to enter the post office in the virtual network world and seize the thing in the mailbox. Now, the car has come to the door of the post office, and the heroine will complete this task alone. →SAVE POINT


officially came to the lobby of the post office. If necessary, you can still try each button operation first. However, the player has not much time, and a short time will immediately trigger the enemy, which is the resistance of the post office guard. Due to the early stage of the game, the first group of guards did not have pistols on them, and a simple punch attack was enough. If you are unlucky enough to be besieged by the enemy, you don’t need to worry too much. First, the enemy’s attack power is very low. Second, the protagonist has a calming function. Pressing the key continuously will automatically attack the nearest target. After knocking down all the guards, you can walk to the right side of the entrance. This is where the safe is stored. After entering, a short video will appear.

It turned out that the enemy was a step brighter than his own. The location of the safe has been ransacked, but he believes what the opponent needs. Because according to the information obtained, the thing was stored on the second floor of the post office, so the top priority is to find a way to the second floor as soon as possible. The doors here are all locked, and you can leave the lobby after the fragment is over. To enter the second floor, the first thing you will think of is to use the lift, and the lift is located directly in front of the entrance of the post office, but when the player came to the training, they found that the lift in front of them was not usable. After communication, it was learned that the elevator on the other side was still usable, but at this time another group of guards appeared to hinder the player’s progress.
These guards are also just ordinary men. After knocking them down, they enter the men’s bathroom. As soon as he entered, he immediately saw a worker climbing up the ladder to the vent, so he used the same method and used the ladder to get to the other side. →SAVE POINT.


went through the vent to the other side of the post office smoothly. Judging from the surrounding environment, it should be a storage room, and there are also a lot of guards here. Walk along the road, after passing the door, you will come to the room where the letters are sorted. When you reach the end, you will receive a message. Later, an arrow will appear on the screen, which is used to instruct the player to move forward. On this large stage, there is this arrow as an aid to avoid getting lost.

Walk in the direction indicated by the arrow. When you come to the end, you can see the situation in the office through the glass. Use a kicking attack to break the glass to enter the office. In addition to a guard here, there is also a button on the wall. After stepping forward and pressing it, the gate on the other side can be opened. Then he left the office, followed the arrow’s instructions and turned back along the road. When he came to the end of the passage, he entered the door on the right. →SAVE POINT.


First climb over the barbed wire fence in front to get to the front position. Although the player only needs to walk forward to see the position of the elevator, this time it is a bit troublesome because the guards who came to the second half are armed with guns. As a weapon, in addition to using general fist attacks, players can also use guns for long-range counterattacks when necessary. The best way is to knock them down in batches first. If you rush forward, it will only attract a large number of enemies to gather at the same time, making the player’s situation worse.
After hard work, I can finally use the elevator to reach the second floor of the post office. The companions suddenly sent a message to the player that he learned that a large number of enemies would appear on the second floor of the post office, hoping to stop the player from moving forward in time. Although the elevator button was activated immediately, it was too late. The light on the second floor of the elevator turned on, and the gate opened slowly…→SAVE POINT.


Outside the elevator, there are a large number of guards with pistols. If they rush out directly, they will definitely be injured. Since there is nothing special to cover up in nearby locations, it is better for everyone to rush to the end in one breath. But if you don’t want to be so exhausted, or you can try to use concentration, as far as possible, the enemy is divided and knocked down is the best way out of nowhere. Remember to stand safe when you knock down a group of enemies. Regain strength in the position, and then continue straight forward, otherwise it will be no different from death.

Keep going. Next time, there will be a short video at this time. The content is that the guard on the other side throws tear gas at the player’s position. Seeing this situation, the protagonist turns around and immediately comes to a higher position on the shelf to avoid it. . These tear gas bombs not only hurt the player, but also stop the automatic recovery of physical strength. The only way to avoid this phenomenon is to stay away from the location where the gas is distributed. Standing on the shelf, in addition to a large number of guards below, there is now an additional tear gas barrier, so I looked around and unexpectedly found a glass ceiling on the other side of the shelf. If I can jump over it smoothly Should get temporary safety.

To minimize the chance of injury, the player must successfully jump to the opposite shelf in one go. The distance between the shelf and the shelf is quite long, and it is difficult to reach using the general jumping method, so it is best to use concentration. Just press the L1 key and press the jump, and you can use more force to jump to the opposite side. But if it fails unfortunately, the protagonist will fall back to the position guarded by a number of guards at the lower level. They will only move in this position, and they will return to the shelf as soon as possible to do it again. Use concentrated force to smoothly come to the glass ceiling, step on it to break the glass and fall back to the lower level. →SAVE POINT.


Most of the guards that appear on the lower level are armed with firearms, so you must be more careful when moving. In addition to paying attention to free physical strength, you must also use obstacles to cover more. After knocking down the guards here, we continue to move forward. When we come to the position in front of the safe, there will be a short video. The protagonist has discovered that the other party has found the safe on the second floor and started searching, but because the windows here are equipped with iron technology Blocked, so the protagonist must find another way to enter. At this time, he will communicate with his companion, and the other party will tell the player the location of the safe that he can bring from the transportation, so he immediately turns back along the road.

If I had not knocked down all the guards just now, I would be threatened by them again now. In fact, everyone can still ignore them and rush to the half-open gate, and then knock down the guards that appear here after entering. After success, leave from the gate on the other side. There will also be guards holding pistols. After knocking them down one by one, they can go to the transport belt through the small building and then to the other side. →SAVE POINT.


finally came to the safe deposit box. Go to the left and investigate the safe deposit box here, then you can get the thing. This is actually a package, but when the player takes the package, the guard outside is ready to launch another attack on the player. They have been firing tear gas canisters at the player’s location, and when the protagonist moved aside, he picked up one of the tear gas canisters on the ground and threw it towards the guard. On the other side of the car, the sound of the elevator arriving suddenly sounded, but the arrival was a few guards, and the situation of the protagonist became worse under the situation of the front and back attack.

In fact, what players have to do this time is to use the elevator to escape, but before escaping, they need to knock down all the guards here one by one. The most difficult part of this battle, apart from the fact that most of the guards also have firearms, some places are also filled with tear gas, and the guards are fighting decisively in other places. Fortunately, there are a lot of places for players to cover up this time. Whenever you find that your physical strength is below a certain standard, you will immediately avoid them, knock them down and then enter the elevator.

I came to the lobby of the post office again via the elevator. Now that I have obtained the package, I should leave the post office immediately, but when the protagonist is about to head towards the gate, he suddenly closed the gate. And the rest of the guards also began to approach the rear, the top priority is to solve those annoying guards first. After knocking down all the guards, you can move forward again in the direction indicated by the arrow. After passing through a few doors, you can find the stairs, and then just walk along the stairs. →SAVE POINT.


When the protagonist came here, he found that the road in front was severely damaged by the sudden explosion, so he immediately communicated with his companions, and the other party told the player that he can still come to the control room from the bottom road, and then from the transportation belt. go away. According to the other party’s prompt, first jump to the lower level and walk in one direction, because there is no other way to go.

However, the way to go through the present room is not easy, because there will be a large number of gun guards on the way, and the most annoying thing is that they tend to attack the player from a longer distance. I suggest you In this plot, use as many firearms as the main attack as much as possible. When it comes to a position closer to the enemy, switch to general fist attacks, and then coordinate with concentration when appropriate, so as to reduce the chance of injury. . There is only one door at the end. After entering, you can walk straight forward along the ramp and you can come to the control room. →SAVE POINT.


After passing through the enemy’s attack, he finally reached the control room. Now it is almost at the end of the post office plot, so it has entered the most difficult part. There are only three guards in the control room. It is not difficult to knock them down. You can enter the warehouse after entering the next door. Several guards will stand on the other side of the warehouse. Shooting an attack, because these shelves cannot be used as obstacles to cover up, so if you stand still, you will be attacked by the opponent. It is recommended that you use firearms to counterattack immediately.

However, when you leave the door on the other side and then enter the door next to the office, you will really feel the siege. Therefore, before entering, it is best to stand in the warehouse and wait for your physical strength to recover. Keep acting. On the right side of the entrance, there will be two guards armed with guns attacking the players, but they are standing in another room, so it is impossible for everyone to walk forward and knock them down. The only thing you can do is use a pistol, but This will increase the chance of injury, especially when everyone is attacked as soon as they enter. Therefore, it is better to rush forward, and it will be safer to ignore it. As for going forward, there will be a large number of guards. At this time It is the real trapped beast gate. As in the previous approach, players must be led out in batches, and then knock them down as the best strategy. But if you are really under siege and your strength drops rapidly, the only safer way is to leave first, and then use obstacles to cover up to restore your strength. Of course, at this time, everyone still has a chance to be attacked by guards who come forward, but the number will definitely be greatly reduced, increasing the chance of survival.

In addition, using firearms as the main counter weapon can also increase the speed of knocking down the enemy. Every time a guard holding a gun is knocked down, there is also a chance to pick up different weapons on the ground, use it to knock down enemies hiding in the distance, and open a safer passage for yourself to move forward. In fact, the player’s goal this time is to enter the range of the manager’s room, and there are too many enemies here. It would be a long and painful thing to knock them all down. So everyone can move forward while attacking, and a short video will appear when they reach the position of the manager’s office in front. After several hard work, I finally came to the position of the manager’s room, but within the same time, the two guards had begun to approach from the rear. But seeing that there was no way to escape, he immediately contacted his companions. Then the protagonist jumped down from the window. Fortunately, a truck passed by and let her return to the ground as a foot, and the companion also drove the vehicle to pick up the protagonist and leave. →SAVE POINT.


Next is the driving part. At the beginning, the player can try the driving feeling first, and become proficient in the operation of each button. At this time, everyone needs to move in the direction indicated by the arrow at the top of the screen. After a short distance, a police car will start chasing the player, and then the official tracking battle will begin.

Everyone should pay special attention to that, during driving, physical strength will not automatically recover when attacked, so how to reduce the chance of injury will become an important issue. And one of the important key points is that the car must not be stopped, because the player has the opportunity to be besieged by a large number of police cars and cannot move forward, or even be succumbed to death. When driving all the way, pay attention to the conditions on the road and avoid all vehicles, including police cars, as much as possible. If there is really no way, the player can press the button to attack the police car, but the concentration will be deducted because of this. Although the concentration can be restored, it must be used carefully. Keep going in the direction indicated by the arrow, and when you come to the bridge head, you will receive a message saying that it takes two minutes to open the bridge channel. At this moment, everyone cannot move on, and at the same time they will be chased by other police cars. The next part is the most difficult part. You can choose to wander around. In short, remember not to stop the car. Until two minutes have passed, the passage of the bridge will automatically turn on (the light above the entrance will turn from red to green), and then you can walk straight forward to avoid the police car’s pursuit. →SAVE POINT.

10. Answer The Phone

While the heroine was on the run, the heroine took the hero up to the top of the building. The two had to run and jump over the opposite roof. They walked forward and saw a ladder. They climbed up to another roof. There is a door here. Entering, a real-world computer person appeared inside. Suddenly the computer shot the heroine in the back. At this time, the hero saved the beauty and shot the computer guy in the back, saving the heroine. The heroine is clever and takes advantage of this opportunity to escape. From the top of the building, I jumped over the roof of the lower level and found that there is a ladder, climb up, and the passage to come here, keep walking, because someone behind is chasing you. When I ran there, there was a place that looked like a step. I jumped over and there was a ladder. I climbed the same way. After I climbed over, I found that there was a door on the left hand side. Two policemen appeared. Don’t worry about them. The main thing is to move forward. Go, walk all the way to here, there is a staircase, go out of the stairs and go straight, there is a ladder, climb the ladder, go straight, go until the end, look at the right and there is another ladder on the right, go straight up, I walked back to the one who found the computer man When I entered the door of the room, I heard the phone ring and answered the phone quickly. After listening to the phone, I returned to the real world.
11. Check In-then the next task is the actor escorting the heroine to the airport. The game comes to the second floor of the airport. The heroine appears on the second floor. The heroine jumps down to the first floor. On the first floor, she sees the luggage conveyor belt, enters the conveyor belt, and enters the luggage compartment.

The Belts-Open the gate and enter the third baggage warehouse. There is a general control room. Defeat the police here. Press the start button to start the conveyor belt. Go up the stairs marked with the 10 label and you will get five grenades. Along this road, walked to the end, walked into the door, passed two doors and then came to a passage, then walked forward, passed the second door, and there was a policeman here and killed him. Jump down and walk up on the 11th conveyor belt, all the way to the top. Come to the transport belt No. 10, just enter here.

12, Jackson in Steam-In the transport belt No. 10, there is only one door here. Open this door and go in, cross the water pipe, and continue walking forward. You will be prompted to go to the 7R passage.

Jackson in Steam2-But when you go to 2R, a computer person will appear to chase you, you just have to go desperately, go in the direction of 7R, until the end of 7R, climb the ladder to pass the level.

13. Hangars-came to the aircraft maintenance warehouse, walked forward, and ran straight through the passage, to the aircraft maintenance warehouse next door, saw a staircase, walked up, went straight to the top, climbed three small wooden boxes, and opened Enter the door and come to the second floor of the third aircraft maintenance yard. Here it is best to kill the policemen here with the first gun, and then descend the ladder, then activate the elevator switch, and use the elevator to get to the wings. , Ran along the wing to the aircraft cabin, where there will be three enemies, they will point at you with a shotgun to kill them. Go out from the other life-saving door, walk down the stairs and run forward. Four policemen will ambush you. After defeating them, walk along this passage. There will be a plot going on until the end.

14. The Bowels-Start going down the stairs and walk along the passage until you reach the place of 3H. Walk along 3H to the end, eliminate all the police and open the place to the airport runway. Then there was the plot.

Catching a Plane-Then came to the indoor parking airport, where there will be a plot. Follow the person along this road, follow this door, and see the two groups fighting each other, then walk to the left hand side, walk to the end, climb down the ladder, and fall to the bottom, there will be a story. The heroine drove the car into the plane, rescued the actor on the plane, and then passed the level.

15. Agent on Board-Walk straight ahead in the plane, walk to the place where the police appear, knock them down, and obtain important items, then return to the place where the protagonist is trapped, and the story will happen when the protagonist is rescued . When the computer person appears, the actor will jump off the plane and the heroine will be trapped on the plane. At this juncture, first open the door of the plane and kick the computer off the plane. Then there is the plot again.

16. Abyss-At the beginning of the next level, the computer guy pretends to be caught, and the hero and the heroine transport him back to the real world. When the heroine comes here, she has to answer the phone, and then runs over, there is only one way. Keep running until you reach the top floor. At this time, the hero and the heroine are separated and go their own way. Climbed down the chimney, came to the side of the phone booth, and passed.

17, Abyss2-another plot has happened. There are police officers here. After they have been wiped out, they come to the phone booth to answer the phone, and then they can return to the real world and get weapons. Blast the large fan with a grenade, enter this gap, and follow this passage to the end.

18, Pumped-Then come to another passage, choose an intersection without railings and enter, defeat the police inside, and then walk straight along the passage. Seeing a ladder, climb down to the next level. Shoot the oil drum with a gun and the oil drum will explode. Blew the police to death. Then jumped down from the dry well and fell to the next floor. You can go up to the secret passage from a table, then open the mechanism, and open the mechanism to turn off the air groove of the heat exhaust pipe on the ladder. You can climb back to the upper level along the ladder, and you will pass through this road to the end.

19, Conrrupl and Ice-After entering here, there will be a male protagonist (Conrrupl) and another female (Ice) to help. Note that they cannot be killed here, or they will be GAME OVER immediately. After killing the policeman below, the two of them will ask the heroine to go up and meet them. But in the last period of meeting with them, that is, when they were almost close to them, there was a big explosion. The explosion caused the heroine to fall to the lower level. At this time, the heroine had to take another road to meet them. After going through several ladders and turning several places, the phone rang when she reached the second ladder, and the plot happened.

20. Waterway-When passing through the underground passage in front of you, a ladder will appear in front of you. Climb all the way up. After climbing to the top, you will reach the sewer after passing a road. The sewer will be guarded by many policemen. After pour them and pass through the long sewer. After reaching the upper level of the sewer, jump to the opposite side, then walk along the road until you see another staircase, and then climb the stairs. When you reach another place, the road here will be narrow, so you need to move close to the wall, slowly move to the gap and then jump down and keep walking until you see the ladder of this small pass, climb After going up the ladder and passing through a small path, you will be able to complete this small level after entering a hole in front of you.

21. Breathing Room-After passing through the long sewer, turn right and there will be a big explosion. After solving the three police officers here, you must go back and walk back to the hole on the other side of the bifurcated road when you first came. , And then came to another sewer. Then he kept walking until the 4 policemen who got in the way went to the stairs and kept walking. Go straight through the iron plate road in the opposite direction, and there will be a secret road at the right end of the end. After entering the secret passage and passing through, you will see another iron plate area, and you will pass straight ahead to the end of the left and right walls (both sides can be passed by the wall), then enter and clean up After a few soldiers entered the passage, then jumped down, and then settled the ambush police, then after jumping two holes at the end, you can pass here.

22. Malachi and bane-There will be 3 policemen guarding at the entrance of the cave, the upper right will have riflemen, and the lower one will have machine gunmen. We should first use a sniper rifle to solve the upper policeman first, and then use M16 solves all of the below, then walk up the single-plank bridge, and then walk along the road to solve the enemies above, then you can walk back up the ladder and jump down again, enter the next area and solve the enemies in front of you, then press the diagonal Jump to the hole below and walk all the way. When you reach the end and jump down, you will encounter many enemies. After solving them, you will keep walking along the road, and you will encounter three enemy soldiers. After the settlement, you will turn 2 detours. You will encounter a sniper, and you will find the hole after you solve it. You can pass this level and have a plot after passing through the hole.
23. Malachi and bane2-After climbing up the stairs to solve the sniper in front of you, you only need to help the male protagonist (Conrrupl) and the other female (Ice) solve the police below to prevent them from being harmed because they died. It will also be GAME OVER, and you can pass this level after solving a considerable number of enemies.

Great Hall-the actor will separate from the heroine after receiving the call.

24. Shadows-when the heroine comes here, you will see a person walking down the stairs, and then we will follow him down the stairs, and then when we come to the front, we will be picked up from above when we are about to receive a call. The enemy attacked and fainted, and then it was the plot scene again.

25. The Attic-when the heroine was caught by a vampire and went to a room, when she woke up, she was knocked out again, and then the heroine used the candle beside her to burn the rope that tied her hands, and then walked out of the room, she would encounter 3. A zombie, after solving them, you will encounter the boss-Vlad of this level. He cannot be solved at this time, but as long as he walks into the white door next to him, he will automatically leave, and the door will be opened and opened by an old man The secret passage in the room allows the heroine to pass. After entering the secret road, you will enter the green door after solving a few zombies on the road.

26. Persphone’Bedroom-After entering here, you can get items in the storage room next to it. After going out, there will be 3 zombies. After solving, the enemy’s BOSS-Vlad will appear again. At this time, the weapon is against him It’s useless, the only way is to attack him with bare hands, and finally use WOOD STAKE to pierce him to death and he can pass through the next door. Then I left the room and walked to the end to open the door, press the elevator next to it, and the pass was passed.

27. Merovingian’s Office-Go down the stairs and enter the study room to destroy a zombie, then hear the phone ring and then enter the door room to answer the call, then a zombie will enter, knock him out and walk right out of the room, and then follow the stairs on the road Open the door on the right, and then you will see the theater. After destroying a few zombies here, walk onto the stage and enter the door from the side of the curtain to pass through.

Garage Hallway-After entering, you will encounter a zombie. After solving it, you will walk to the right and then continue walking. You will encounter two zombies. After the resolution, turn right and you can pass.

28. Reture To The Great Hall-I saw a door in front of me, and I can pass through the door again. There will be a plot happening here, and there will be a woman sitting in front of it. After the plot, this woman will open the secret passage next to you to enter.

The Dunguon-After entering the secret passage, walk down the circular stairs, and then go straight down. The iron door will not open until the two zombies in front of you are resolved. At this time, you will come to the boss who meets here. -Cujo’s, and when the battle reaches half of Cujo’s blood, his helper will appear. After cleaning them up, after another round of fierce battle, he will be cleaned up, and then he can climb up to the wooden fence that was closed just now and now opened. The passageway. Follow the climb up the stairs to pass the level.

29. Cain And Abel-keep walking along the road, and then there will be a plot. It is found that the hero is fainted by the medicine. Then the heroine opens the door to rescue the hero, but was discovered by two computer people on the way. The male protagonist puts down to face the black-clothed computer guys, but they will not die. The only way is to hit them next to the detained person so that they can’t move, and then back to the male protagonist and walk, and then there will be The plot takes place, the heroine makes bombs to two men in black, and then meets the detained old man on the way to leave. After getting the key, the hero and heroine leave here and leave by car. After this pass passed.

30. Twins And pursuit-Here the heroine flees in a car and walks along the road. Be careful of the police car next to you and don’t crash the car. At the same time, you can press the L1 button to counterattack the enemy, and then walk to the end. Then the plot takes place, the hero and heroine return to the real world after receiving the call, and this pass is passed.

31, Chase Morpheus-Here we just need to drive the car and keep going, there will be police cars on the road, see the small road beside the big road driving in, and after a dialogue between the people in black, you can pass here a short distance.

The Truck-Here our task is to chase the miscellaneous box trucks. There will be police cars on the road. Be careful and kill these police cars to catch up with the miscellaneous box trucks and then the plot will happen.

32. Reactor Foundation-At first, the heroine opened the skylight and jumped down, and then walked, knocking down the enemy of the electric door, and then detouring into the small door, then jumping down and destroying the 4 policemen below, and then climbing up Ladder, climb up the iron fence, turn over, climb another iron fence, go straight and kill the police next to the other iron fence, then climb the iron fence, follow the wall and then climb the iron fence to the top, and then walk to Where there is light, there will be a plot later, does the actor have a sniper rifle. Walk along the road and up the ladder, go up to the top and turn left. After walking down the path, jump down and enter the passage, and then go down to pass here.

33. Reactor Foundation2-After going down, turn left and walk along the road to eliminate the enemies on the way. At the end, you will find a ladder. After climbing up, turn to the right and move in the upper left direction, and then keep walking. Climb up, jump to the top to knock down the enemy, and pass this level after passing the single plank.
Nuclear Shipping-Start with CG, then enter the control room to knock down the police, leave the room and turn left into the parking lot, walk up to the front room and open the door to enter the warehouse, destroy the enemies on the way, and then go to the end and open the door to pass . It should be noted that the enemies encountered on the way are difficult to deal with, so be good at your weapons!

34. Transformer Field-After opening the door, walk all the way to knock down 3 policemen, then walk on the iron platform and press the mechanism, then CG starts, go down the way and enter the opened door of the mechanism, turn right after entering, and then keep walking to open the front The iron gate can finally pass through here.

Transformer Field2-It’s relatively simple here, and then one way forward, and the road is longer. The only thing to note is that the enemies on the way are relatively free. Don’t forget to take their weapons after you destroy them! You can pass the level when you reach the end.

35. Generator Turbines-After arriving at the top of the building, be careful to destroy the enemies on the ground, walk along the steel railway, be careful not to fall, enter the iron plate, enter the stairs, and then go to the bottom floor to enter the door, knock down The enemy went up to the second floor and entered the control room and received a phone call. Go to the next control room and break the glass, walk through the ventilation pipe and then jump off, enter the 4 rooms along the road and go straight to pass.

36. Generator Turbines2-After entering, the plot happened, and then it went straight. After passing through a control room, knocked down a group of enemies, and finally came to the front door, opened the door and entered the T1 room, and walked out T1 room climbed up the ladder, after turning, climbed 3 ladders to destroy according to the upper mechanism, then walked down the iron road into the T2 room, then climbed the ladder to enter the T3 room, and then left the T3 room and then left along the iron road to enter T4 room, through the iron ladder to enter the T5 room, and then go down to enter the iron door. After the plot happens, pass this level.

37, Core Control-here is just talking about the hero handing a time bomb to the heroine. The dialogue is all about the plot, and then the level is cleared.

The Core-Go straight down and follow the arc again, knock down the enemies along the road, climb up the ladder at the end, turn right up the stairs, and then go up the opposite side of the room, the story will happen when you reach the third floor. The heroine installed a time bomb.

38. Agent Escape-First, the heroine started to knock down the enemy soldiers. Didn’t it mean that they were two bombs, but they were discovered by the man in black, so she took the bomb in her hand and threw it away. After entering the ventilating pipe, he went to the end and jumped down to escape, after which a plot occurred. After the plot is over, knock down the enemies around him, then enter the opened door, enter the elevator, and then get out of the elevator, always rushing, the heroine flew out of the window, the hero waited below, when they left the industrial area, the industrial area exploded . After that, there will be a plot on the other side, and finally you can pass this level.

39. Seraph’s Tea House-After entering the tea house, fight with Seraph. When Seraph’s blood is low, Seraph will let the heroine enter the room to have a conversation with an elderly mother-in-law, and leave the room after the conversation is over. There was a long passage in the room, and people in black kept appearing in each room, after which the heroine jumped to the top and rushed out of the encirclement. Then pass this level.
40, vertigo

Then came to a building under construction. At this time, there will be black-clothed computer people chasing, and they have to jump out of the wooden boards on the outer wall of the building. At this time, there will be many computer people chasing and killing them, and they will go to the elevator at the end of the building. When there is no way to go, use Super Jump to jump to a building opposite, find the elevator in the building, and go down in the elevator.

41、Smith’s Trap

After leaving the building, I came to a garment factory. The people in the factory can speak Mandarin. If you leave the factory from the stairs, you will be prompted to leave the factory and run on the street, and run along the arrows. There will be no enemies here. After passing a house, people in black began to chase and kill them. Try to avoid the people in black and don’t fight with them. Continue walking in the direction of the arrow. When you reach a house, someone will automatically open the house and pass The stairs of the house ran to the roof, and if you jumped down, you passed this level.

42, On Foot

On the street, there will be computer people chasing, ignore anyone, continue walking in the direction of the arrow, you will encounter some police, ignore the police, continue to move forward, come to a ladder, climb the elevator to the second floor, and already It is through this level.

43, Hard Lind Pursuit

In a warehouse, jump into an oil drum, you will go to the street again, there is SWAT on the street blocking the way, to destroy them and break the car, jump over the car, continue walking in the direction of the arrow, you will come At a dock, there will be a computer person at the dock, and then a wooden door. Jump over the wooden door from the box and continue walking in the direction of the arrow. If you skip the pasture, you will pass the level.

44, The Virus Spreads

When we came to a meat processing factory, some people in black had already chased up to the second floor. The glass suddenly broke, and another computer person appeared. After getting rid of him, he opened a red door and went out. Go to a terrace, pass some small wooden bridges, and go to the other side of the port, walk in the direction of the arrow, and you have already passed this pass.

45, The Church

At this level, there is a grenade launcher underground. After passing the grenade, it will not continue to the top of the building. After arriving on the roof, there will be a large number of people in black waiting for the computer. A small bridge built of wooden boards can be used to shoot a computer black man to death. Then move on, continue through the wooden planks, go to a red house, open it, come to an apartment, continue on the roof of the apartment, at this time it is considered a pass. Then ran to a church, when the phone rang, picked up the phone, and returned to the real world.

-Tunnels of the real
You can return to the real world all day long. Computer bugs in the real world will continue to attack your spacecraft. At this time, you must control the spacecraft to escape. After you escape, it is considered a pass.

The Rabbit Hole
I thought it was out of danger, but the computer bug continued to pounce on and continue to flee. This time the escape route was much harder than the last time. As a result, the computer bug caught up and opened the protective gate at the critical moment to kill the bug It’s an explosion.

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