On the option screen, enter Hacking Mode
Enter cheat

Enter the following secrets into the hacking system of the game

  Cheat 0034AFFF = maximum firepower

  Cheat 1DDF2556 = unlimited ammo

  Cheat 69E5D9E4 = infinite focus value

  Cheat FFF0020A = Speed up the recovery of focus value

  Cheat 7F4DF451 = unlimited vitality

  Cheat 13D2C77F = open the test level

  Cheat 13D2C77F = Spark can be used in training mode

  Cheat 4516DF45 = the enemy cannot hear the player

  Cheat FFFFFFF1 = the enemy cannot see the player

  Cheat FF00001A = turn on acceleration mode

  Cheat D5C55D1E = start multiplayer combat

  Cheat BB013FFF = Gravity becomes smaller

  Cheat 7567F443 = Speed up computer computing thinking

  Cheat 312MF451 = Enter taxi driving mode

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