Empire Earth Gold Edition game cheats

Empire Earth Gold Edition game cheats

Empire Earth Gold Edition game cheats

Enter the following cheats in the game:
negerpung⇒All the money of the enemy becomes yours
my name is methos⇒Display map and all resources
asus drivers⇒show all maps
I ahve the power⇒The caster’s mana is full
BrainStorm⇒Quick construction
display cheat⇒Display all cheats
coffee train⇒Restore the life of all units and complete the building under construction
columbus⇒See fish and animals
the quotable patella⇒The unit is immediately upgraded to 10
you said wood⇒+1000 wood
rock&roll⇒+1000 stone
creatine⇒+1000 iron
atm⇒1000 gold
boston food sucks⇒1000 food
all your base are belong to us⇒+100,000 resources
ahhhcool⇒ failed
boston rent ⇒ lose all gold
the big dig⇒Lose all resources
mine your own business ⇒ lose all stones
Uh, smoke? ⇒ lose all wood
Friendly skies⇒Aircraft refueling in mid-air
headshot⇒Remove all targets on the map
bam⇒Show all maps
slimfast ⇒ lose all food
girlyman⇒ lose all iron
somebody set up us the bomb⇒Victory

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