Empire Earth 3 game cheats

1. Start game.
2. While ingame (not on the world map, hit RETURN or ENTER to access the console. )
3. You can now use the following codes, has to be case insensitive:

icheat = Cheats Enabled Activate the secret technique (must be entered, other secret techniques are effective)
idontcheat = Cheats Disabled
loot = All Resources increased by 10,000
taxes = Resources decreased by 100
punish = Selected unit damaged by 20 points
convert = Selected unit converted to your side
recharge me = Selected unit recharged to 100% power
win = Win the scenario direct victory
toggle fog = Toggle fog of war ON/OFF Toggle fog of war ON/OFF
sea ​​monkeys = Toggle instant build
era up = Advance an epoch without meeting any of the requirements
max pop = Toggle max pop capacity on/off maximum population
give tech = Tech points increased by 50
play god = Toggle God Mode turn on/off invincible mode
super cheat = Coffers overflowed, instant build enabled, pop cap maxed, and fog turned off Super invincible mode (with several secret skills)
cheat cheathor = Cheat Cheathor, arch-rival and nemesis of Super Cheat! Unknown function?
cheatonite = Could this be the end of Super Cheat?! Unknown function?

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