Elven Legacy game cheats

Elven Legacy game cheats

Elven Legacy game cheats

In the game, press ~ to open the console and enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:
CheatExp⇒+1 experience
Cheat10exp⇒+10 experience points
Cheat100exp⇒+100 experience points
Cheat1000exp⇒+1,000 experience points
CheatGold⇒+1 gold coin
Cheat10gold⇒+10 gold coins
Cheat100gold⇒+100 gold coins
Cheat1000gold⇒+1,000 gold coins
CheatNoFog⇒Remove the fog of war
CheatHeal⇒Heal the selected unit immediately
CheatResurrect⇒Resurrect the selected unit.
CheatBrokeAll⇒Enemy morale is low
CheatVictory ⇒ Mission victory
CheatDefeat⇒Mission failed
CheatComplete⇒Complete all tasks
CheatGoldVictory⇒(Level) Gold victory
CheatShadows⇒Add shadows to units
CheatSecondWind⇒Allows attacked units to attack again

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