Elemental War of Magic game cheats

Elemental War of Magic game cheats

Elemental War of Magic game cheats

Start the game from the command line:

First use the command line cheat to start the game (such as C:\Program Files\Elemental War of Magic\elemental.exe cheat), and then press the following keys in the game to get the corresponding effect.

Game Cheats:

Hotkey effect
[Ctrl] + R Complete current technology
[Ctrl] + M All resources plus 1000
[Ctrl] + J Complete the unit being trained
[Ctrl] + B Complete the building under construction
[Ctrl] + F Acquire spouse and children
[Ctrl] + T Send the selected unit to the cursor position
[Ctrl] + U Map full open
[Ctrl] + P Leader upgrade
[Ctrl] + D Transform selected enemy units
[Ctrl] + K Kill the selected unit
[Ctrl] + C Copy the leader of the selected unit
[Ctrl] + Z Start/stop automatic round
[Ctrl] + S Auto save
[Ctrl] + X Display/Hidden interface
[Ctrl] + Q Learn a small amount of magic
[Ctrl] + E Learn a lot of magic

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