East India Company game guide

East India Company game guide

East India Company game guide:
1. Tell everyone a BUG of “get rich, get rich”, “make great profits” and “immediately invincible”:

When the spices and tea are negotiated, the effect is greater than their own value, and the other party puts out the original price, which means that you take 10 spices and exchange them for 15 spices. He thinks it is “fair”.

2. The little way to avoid pirates in East India Company:

When I first played East India Company, the boats at the beginning were very poor, and it was very difficult to accept the loss of the boats whenever I encountered pirates.

Later, I found that when the pirate robbery menu popped up, I could save by pressing ESC, and then I clicked to read the saved archive. I found that the pirates would not rob me, haha, I could escape again.

How to modify the initial money of the campaign mode

Modify the campaingmissions.txt in the DataAI directory

// starting funds per difficulty level

easy (when starting with simple initial difficulty)

campaign_grand (mission mode, this is the campaign mode)

funds = 150000 (the player’s initial funds, change as much as you want)

AI_funds = 100000 (computer initial funds, if you want to hack the computer, change it less, if you want to increase the difficulty, change it more)

And so on

When modifying, you must pay attention to whether the difficulty and battle mode correspond to what you are playing.

Then start a new battle

Ships are unlocked and modified in advance

Game Directory East India CompanyDataAIshiptypes.txt This is the ship data.

visibility_range = 1700 is visible in 1700 (that is, if you change it to 1600, you can see it in 1600)

available_from = 1700 can be produced in 1700 (that is, if you change to 1600, it will be produced in 1600)

construction_time = 8 Ship production time (1 is one month and 2 is two months, but at least 1)

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