Earth’s Special Forces game cheats


When you want to record, press ~ to call out the console, and enter the following command in the console:

record filename⇒Start recording a video, and the video is saved in esffilename.dem
demos⇒Loop play the video played using the startdemos command
listdemo demoname⇒List video information
playdemo filename⇒Play filename.dem video at normal speed
playvol 9⇒Set the number of video playback
removedemo demo sgmt⇒Remove the segment position set in the video
setdemoinfo demo sgmt info⇒Add a video information, such as a piece of text, gradual progress or fast forward and rewind
startdemos⇒Play a video in loop
startmovie filename⇒Play a video
stop⇒Stop recording
stopdemo ⇒ Same as above
swapdemo demo seg seg⇒Swap the positions of two segments in the video
imedemo demoname⇒Play a video while displaying the maximum fps (display frame rate per second) and average fps
appenddemo demoname⇒Continue recording after the recording file without overwriting the original recording
removedemo⇒Cut a segment from the DEMO, first use listdemo to see the video information
edgefriction 2⇒The stuff of 3D graphics
hpk_maxsize 0.5⇒When the size of custom.hpk is, the system will automatically cut it off, and take MB as the unit. Remote control
First add the Rcon_password password to Server.cfg

In the game, the player logs in with the Rcon_password password

As soon as the Player becomes AMD, it can issue a Server command, but a space must be added to rcon before the command.

rcon addip 0⇒Reject a certain IP from entering the game, 0 means permanent, in minutes, the IP is obtained by rcon status
rcon addid 0 kick⇒Set a certain WON ID not to enter the game, the time setting is the same as above
rcon kick xxx⇒Kick off a player, xxx can be the player id, but because some people will add some special codes, sometimes it will be invalid, you must switch to the player number, (the number can be obtained by rcon users, each id is the most The number in front is the player code, use rcon kick # yyy #)
rcon listid⇒(see bannd id)
rcon restart⇒server map replay
rcon say ID:⇒server talk
rcon say xxxx⇒The announcement made by the server, whether dead or alive, can be seen. If the message is strange, every word will be caught. You can change to rcon say xxxx to improve it, but version 1.1 should not There will be this phenomenon
rcon status⇒See Info
rcon users⇒see owner information
rcon writeip⇒Save the ID dropped by Ban to the server
rcon writeid⇒Store the WON ID dropped by Ban into the server
rcon_address IP⇒Used when the Server is full, can only be managed, not Play
rcon_password password ⇒ AMD login password

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