Earth’s Special Forces game cheats


Earths Special Forces game cheats

Earth’s Special Forces game cheats

Server dedicated

Press ~ to enter:

banid⇒minutes #number
kick⇒Kick Wonid and let him change his name, he won’t be able to enter, unless he changes computer, time 0=forever
decalfrequency 0⇒How often can the player’s logo be sprayed (seconds)
kick # number ⇒ kick person (only for server, kick number needs to add #, kick name is not used, but the case should be the same)
users⇒List online user names and Userid (generated by Server) and Uniqueid (generated by WON server)
mp_autoteambalance 1⇒Automatic team balance, 0 is a good parameter for allowing uneven numbers of both parties to play with bots!
mp_chasecam 0⇒The player who set the observer mode can only follow other people’s ass
mp_decals 250 ⇒ texture resolution, lowering can reduce lag
mp_falldamage 1⇒Will it be injured by a fall (fall injury). 1 is on, 0 is off.
mp_footsteps 1⇒Turn on/off footsteps (walking sounds). 1 is on, 0 is off.
mp_forcerespawn 1⇒Automatically resurrect.
mp_friendlyfire 1⇒Same team damage. 1 is on, 0 is off.
mp_gamemode 1⇒Game mode (free melee “0” group confrontation “1” looking for dragon ball “2”)
mp_limitteams 2⇒The maximum number of different teams, too many people cannot join
mp_plcatchup 1⇒After death, the energy value is reduced to the average of all players’ energy values
mp_realteams 1 ⇒ good and evil grouping
pauseble 0⇒You can press pause during battle (Pause key, the third one to the right of F12 key)
mp_weaponstay 0⇒Keep the fallen weapon (this is in CS, what is it in ESF?)
mp_wishlimit 10⇒Wish timing (only valid in the Dragon Ball search mode)
status⇒List player IP numbers, etc.
sv_accelerate 5.0⇒Accelerate
sv_airaccelerate 10⇒Speed ​​of air movement
sv_airmove 1⇒Can move & turn in the air
sv_bounce 1⇒Various bonuses open???
sv_cheats 0⇒Can I use default secret skills?
sv_clipmode 0⇒Does the server switch allow the client to pass through the wall?
sv_friction 40⇒The stuff of 3D graphics
sv_gravity 800⇒Control gravity, 800 is normal gravity, -999 to 999999
sv_password 0⇒The password to enter the game
sv_stepsize 18⇒step size..-_-; The bigger the slope, the faster…
sv_waterfriction 10⇒The resistance in water…
changelevel map name⇒change the map immediately, all users will not leave the game
map Map name ⇒ Change the map immediately, but all users will leave the game.
mp_maxrounds X⇒X→change map after a few rounds
mp_winlimit X ⇒ If any team wins X games, the picture will be changed. Example 5: 3 wins system, X=3
mp_timelimit 45⇒How often do you change the map (only one of the above three can be selected, so you must first mp_timelimit 0 before mp_maxrounds 20)
sv_rcon_maxfailures 5⇒If you fail to obtain administrator privileges more than several times, the CDKEY is BAN (the number of times specified by sv_rcon_minfailures, the CDKEY is BAN)
sv_rcon_minfailuretime 30⇒The unit is second. If you try to gain administrator privileges within this time, it fails again
sv_rcon_banpenalty 0⇒Specify how long to BAN if BAN CDKEY is in trying to obtain administrator privileges. 0=Always use parameters for players
cl_pitchup 89⇒Look up at the highest line of sight
cl_pitchdown 89⇒Look down at the highest line of sight
cam_snapto 0 ⇒ Whether the sight is still
name New name ⇒ Change name, only use when you are alive
r_speeds 0⇒Display the average fps, draw speed and polygon info??
r_speeds 0⇒Forced work!! The network speed can be slightly improved! Does it work…Let’s see for yourself! ??
rate 2500⇒The speed of receiving information from the server, too large or too small will lag, you must choose the right one
sizedown⇒Reduced screen
sizeup⇒Enlarge the screen
timeleft⇒Let you know there are still a few minutes to change the map
net_graph x⇒Open the tool for measuring FPS and online speed x=1 on x=0 off, turning on this item will reduce fps somewhat
net_graphpos x⇒tool position x=1, 2, 3
volume 0.8⇒Adjust the volume, the actual volume is (volume/hisound)
hisound 1.000000⇒Set the maximum volume, the actual volume is (volume/hisound)
bgmvolume 1.000000⇒Volume of background sound effect music
disconnect⇒Leave the game and stay in the console state
exit⇒Leave the game, close CS, and return to the desktop
quit⇒Leave the game, close CS, and return to the desktop
reconnect⇒Reconnect directly without offline
retry⇒Go offline and back online
connect IP⇒Connect to the specified Server
Note: The following part is to increase the image quality, if you want to increase the display speed, please use the opposite setting

cl_himodels 0⇒0 Use lower-detail character skins to improve display speed
gl_playermip 2⇒0 rendering quality, the higher the digital quality, the worse the display and the faster the display
max_smokepuffs 0⇒30 Set the amount of smoke that can be displayed at the same time (for server side)
fps_max 101⇒101 displays the maximum FPS number, high-performance machines can be changed to larger
mp_decals 20⇒300 Maximum simultaneous display of textures
hisound 0⇒1 high quality sound
loadas8bit 1⇒0 Use 8bit sound quality (lower quality)
s_a3d 0⇒0 Set to 1 when using A3D series sound card
s_eax 0⇒0 Use innovative series sound card set to 1
bgmvolume 0⇒1 play CD music
cl_download_ingame 1⇒Download other player’s LOGO, stickers, etc.
gl_smoothmodels 1⇒3 character movements are smoother
gl_round_down 1⇒3
setinfo “ah” 0⇒1
setinfo “vgui_menus” 0..1⇒Whether to display the graphical purchase interface
cl_nopred 0⇒0
gl_picmip 0⇒2 rendering quality, the larger the digital image quality, the lower the quality, the faster the speed
Video commands

First, you must have CS. When activating the game, please modify the parameters in the shortcut hl.exe -console -game esf -condebug>

This is an example. Please change the path to your own game installation path. If you don’t have hl.exe, you can use cstrike.exe.

Enter the game and start a game normally

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