Earth 2150 Lost Souls game cheats

Earth 2150 Lost Souls game cheats

Earth 2150 Lost Souls game cheats

Press [Enter] in the game to enter the following cheats
Cheater 1⇒Enable cheat mode (must enter)
Cheater 0⇒Turn off cheats mode
hotground⇒Plant mines
beautifulmoon 1⇒Show map
Sciencefornothing⇒Research does not cost money
judgementday⇒Kill all visible enemies
smash⇒Destroy everything in the field of vision
gohome!⇒Destroy the selected building
Tromaville⇒Destroy all enemies in view
Shower⇒Meteor Shower
moneyfornothing #⇒Add money cheats (# represents numbers, the same below)
limit_up #⇒Upgrade limit to #
mybrainisfaster 1⇒Quick research
hereyouare! ⇒ show all enemies
hide⇒Enable the fog of war
moonlight⇒show the fog of war
nobelprize⇒ can research all

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