E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy Game Cheats


E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy Game Cheats

E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy Game Cheats

To use console commands, you naturally need to open the console, and sv_cheats 1

Go directly to the map

Type maps * to list all maps, and then use the map command to call them.

Use impulse 106 to list item information in front sight

Use impulse 106 to list the item information in the front sight, which can be tied to the button and used (bind “key” “command”)

Generate npc

Use the npc_create command, if you want him to hold the weapon you need instead of the default weapon, use the “npc_create_equipment [weapon code]” command to define before


npc_create npc_manduco

npc_create npc_kraak

It is convenient to bind this command to a certain button

bind “” “npc_create npc_kraak”

npc code list

-npc_synicle_s (woman in white)




-npc_jian_s (patrolmen in the base, friendly)

-npc_culter_s (a kind of friendly npc)







-npc_scrab (floating robot, hostile)


-npc_turret_floor (turret, hostile)


-npc_deus_s (Lucky Bull)

-npc_interceptor (Small spaceship PS: when it is not working well, it may jump out, sometimes you will even jump out after giving it a shot)

All humanoid creatures are summoned at the same level, level 0, no armor, only basic weapons, and 85 drops of blood. Friendly NPCs can only be used to attract enemy firepower, and hostile NPCs can be brushed out for money.

The sentry cannon and the floating robot are not friendly, and it is useless to summon them.

If you want to make the summoned npc more intimate, there is no way, but the effect is not ideal. Kankan can use:

Create a script file “bestrong.cfg” in the game cfg directory:

ent_fire !self addoutput “targetname playself”
ent_fire wen_aim setrelationship “clonguepee d_li 1000”
ent_fire wen_aim setrelationship “playself d_li 1000”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “ArmorChoice 3”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “NumGrenades 5”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “squadname clonguepee”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “InvisMaxLevel 0.60”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “MyViewMax 120000.00”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “myskill 10”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “PSILevel 500”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “max_health 5000”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “health 5000”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “targetname clonguepee”
ent_fire wen_aim addoutput “additionalequipment weapon_sulfatum ”
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This action script is to set up NPC, increase blood volume, allocate grenade, and set it to be friendly to you.

Then add the following content to the game script:

bind “p” “comm1”
alias comm1 “ent_setname “wen_aim”; exec bestrong”
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This script is to name the target NPC and call “bestrong.cfg” to process the NPC. In the game, you just need to target the friendly NPC and press the “p” key to set it as an ally and increase its HP to 5000.

The fort is still ineffective. Although it is friendly, it is impossible to shoot. The created floating robot and other NPCs no longer attack you and help you attack the enemy, but they cannot be controlled like their own summoners. They can only be used as a fixed sentry, and if you shoot it or push it, it will immediately Will turn my face with you.

If you use it on your own summons, it also has the effect of increasing the blood to 5000, and does not affect the teammate’s control function.

Generate research items

Aim at an open space and type “ent_create item_cyber”. Please note that research items are intangible. So it’s good to be bold and pass after typing the command.

The original text does not recommend the use of the “give item_cyber” command, but I personally feel that the effect is better.

The research items are picked up randomly each time, so there may be a lot of grids that still have question marks.

It would be more hapy to tie this command to the button as well.

The best way is as follows:

alias +lp_addcyber “auto_on;loop”
alias -lp_addcyber “auto_off”
alias loop_command “give item_cyber;wait;loop”
alias auto_on “alias loop loop_command”
alias auto_off “alias loop”
bind “j” “+lp_addcyber”
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Use this script, enter the game and hold down j, after a short while, everything is done. How to use the script, I won’t talk nonsense.

For those who disdain to cheat: It is said that enemies on the New Eden map are more likely to drop research items.

Remove the beginning video

Delete SteamsteamappscommoneyeEYEmediaintro.bik

Some cheat codes

noclip-When used through walls, it moves awkwardly and cannot move straight forward.

give #-Generate specified items and weapons under your feet

givecurrentammo-a magazine for many weapons on hand

sv_infinite_aux_power 1-Unlimited super power

host_timescale [number]-Set the time lapse speed (old command, 1 is normal, the smaller the slower)

cl_vip_eyeshopping 1-Buy any equipment or obtain equipment from the equipment box, no purchase or research restrictions

Here is a script for bullet time:

alias slomo “slomo_on”
Alias ​​slomo_on “alias slomo “slomo_off”; Host_timescale 0.3; Phys_timescale 0.3″
Alias ​​slomo_off “alias slomo “slomo_on”; Host_timescale 1; Phys_timescale 1″
bind “.” “slomo”
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After using this script, press “.” in the game to switch slow motion.

Weapon code that can be obtained with the give command

Weapon name⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒weapon code
222 (Revolver)⇒weapon_gctg222
444 Bear Killer (Magnum)⇒weapon_bk444
Arrancadora de Tripas (Warhammer)⇒weapon_arrancadora
B.O.S.C.O. realy 911 (Semi-Auto Sniper)⇒weapon_bosco
Betty Boom (Sawed-Off Shotgun)⇒weapon_betty_boom
Blackcrow (Handgun)⇒weapon_fko_black
Caw Hammer (Automatic Shotgun)⇒weapon_caw_hammer
Damocles (Broadsword)⇒weapon_damocles
Depezador (Semi-Auto Shotgun)⇒weapon_depezador
Excidium (Explosive Round Anti-Tank Rifle)⇒weapon_excidium
Facere Mortis (Dual Katana)⇒weapon_dual_katana
HS010 (Sub-Machine Gun)⇒weapon_croon_hs
Hunting Machine (Sniper)⇒weapon_hunting
K.A 93 (Automatic Rifle)⇒weapon_fko_ka93
Kinder Grenade⇒weapon_kinder
Medkit Syringe⇒weapon_medkit
Motra (Sub-Machine Gun)⇒weapon_motra
Rotten Mound (Semi-Auto Rifle)⇒weapon_rotten
S6000 (Auto/Semi-Auto Rifle)⇒weapon_s6000
Scrabouillor⇒npc_create npc_scrab (useless)
Sentry⇒npc_create npc_turret_floor (useless)
Spiculum (Grenade Launcher)⇒weapon_spiculum
Sulfatum (Gatling Gun)⇒weapon_sulfatum
TRK A.D. (Sniper)⇒weapon_trk
BK13s (Dual Handgun)⇒weapon_dual_BK13

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