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Clear kill
When using any weapon to chop and kill zombies, there will no longer be blood stains and blindfolds in front of your eyes (if you are hit by a zombie, bloody lights in front of your eyes are not included). To

Find the file X:……Dying LightDWData0.pakdatascriptsinventoryinventory.scr

Note: All *.SCR files with the word inventory in the file name must be searched. Search for the code group and change to the following.

Firearms additional attribute damage
Disappearing light: enhanced version of general firearms additional attribute damage (enchanting) and methods to increase elemental damage, etc.
Dying Light: Enhanced Version The latest version V1.12.0 English version test is normal

*Parts need to be changed*

File path one…Dying LightDWData3.pakdatascriptsinventoryinventory_gen.scr

Item(“ZZZZZ_Firearm_RevolverSixshooter”, CategoryType_Firearm)//Item (six-round revolver, firearm type)
GameVersion(8);//Game version
CategoryType(CategoryType_Firearm);//Classification category (firearms)
Visibility(true);//(Whether to display the pick-up prompt button) Can it be picked up (can pick up true and not pick up false)
ItemType(ItemType_Pistol);//Item type
PhysicsScript(“single_dropped_inventory.phx”);//Physics script
UpgradeLevel(0);//Level upgrade
Condition(59);//Weapon durability
DamageRangeMelee(110.0*0.01);//(When the game is set to have no bullets, it will be treated as close weapon damage range (deviation 0.01)
HeadSmashProb(1.0);//Headshot chance (head fragmentation)
HeadCutProb(0.0);//Cut neck probability (head intact)
ArmsCutProb(0.0); //Probability of arm break
LegsCutProb(0.0); // Probability of leg break
CutTypesGroup(CutTypesGroup_Holes);//(bullet cut or) breakdown type group
DamageType(DamageType_Bullet);//Bullet damage type
Mesh(“wn_revolver_sixshooter.msh”);//Firearm surface 3D mesh
Skin(“special”);//Firearms grid matching skin
AnimPrefix(“Sixshooter”);//Animation prefix
HudIcon(“weapon_revolver_a”);//small interface icon
ShotTime(0.3);//rate of fire (not bullet speed)
ShotSound(“RevolverSixshooter_shot_XX.wav”);//Muzzle shooting sound
BaseSoundPrefix(“RevolverSixshooter”);//Basic sound effect prefix
DefaultBulletId(“Bullet_Explosive”);//The default (used) bullet ID***
AmmoCount(600);//Number of bullets
BloodSplatFactor(0.0);//Splatter blood impact factor
ReloadTime(-1.0);//Reload speed (some are loaded with a single bullet, such as shotguns, revolvers)
EmptySound(“RevolverSixshooter_empty_XX.wav”);//(No bullets) Empty trigger sound effect
TwoHanded(false);//Whether two-handed weapons (two hands ture One-hand false)
HolderElement(“r_thigh”);//Additional attributes (should mean attaching a fire can, electric shock kit, etc.)
HolderOffset([0.0,10.0,0.0]*[0.01, 0.01, 0.01]);//Additional position and deviation
HolderAngle([0.0,90.0,-90.0]);//Additional angle
HandOffset(HandModification_Normal, [-0.03,-0.03,0.0]);//Add regular deviation correction
HandOffset(HandModification_Custom, [-0.03,-0.03,0.0]);//Add custom deviation correction
Use HitEffects_Firearm();//Firearm hit effect
Use PickupSounds_Default();//Default gun sound effect
ClipReload(false);//Upper clip (no action false true)
FxNameShell(“BerettaGunfireShell”);//Bullet shell (type) name
ShootFx(“sixshooter_muzzle_flash_sequence.fx”);//Muzzle spark (sequence)
AimBlurStart(0.25);//Aiming blur start
AimBlurEnd(0.35);//Aiming blur end
ShootStatAccuracy(95.0);//Shooting statistics accuracy (non-shooting accuracy)
MoveAcurancyLoseFactor(0.2);//Move shooting loss accuracy
DuckInertiaFactor(0.3);//The inertial effect of swimming on the water with a gun
ShootMinAngle(0.02);//Minimum bullet scattering angle (for example, the mouth of the bowl is large, the true accuracy)
ShootMaxAngle(0.1);//Maximum scattering angle of bullet (for example, big dustpan, true accuracy)
ShootAngleVel(0.07);//Random angle deviation value of each bullet
ShootAngleCooldown(0.2);//Recovery speed of shooting sight after zooming in
ShootVertRecoil(0.04);//Vertical recoil
ShootVertRecoilSpread(0.012);//Vertical recoil spread value
ShootHorzRecoil(0.0);//Horizontal recoil
ShootHorzRecoilSpread(0.0);//Horizontal recoil spread value
ShootRecoilTime(0.09);//Recoil time
ShootMode(ShotMode_Single);//Shooting mode (single single shot automatic automatic burst three bursts)
BulletsPerShot(1);//Number of bullets per shot (one shot can be N bullets)
AimFov(1.6);//Right-click to aim at the magnification (change it to large to be a sniper scope)
MaxReboundCount(3);//Maximum rebound count (real translation unknown)
DamageSize(1.0);//Firearms loss value
AiHitSound(“bullet”);//(bullet) hit sound effect
StatsType(StatsType_Pistol);//(Data)Statistic type
Price(10320);//Purchase price (Can you sell so much?)
FF_EffectName(“Shot_StrongPistol”);//effect name (strong, damaged, luxurious, etc. nonsense)
FF_Left(0.3);//(caused by effect) left deviation
FF_Right(0.4);//(Caused by effect) Right deviation
FF_Duration(0.1);//(Caused by effect) Delay
FF_FadeOut(0.0);// The effect fades out
CriticalProb(0.0);//(One hit kills) fatal probability
CriticalDamage(0.5);//Fatal damage multiple
DamageHeadMult(1.0);//head injury multiple
DamageToPhysicsObjects(10.0);//Damage to environmental objects (wooden boxes, boards, gas bottles on the back of zombies, etc.)
FirePointRange(0,400.0 *0.01);//distance range 0, impact point 400 bullet flight distance attenuation factor 0.01
FirePointDamage(0,159.0);//distance range 0, effective kill value 159
FirePointForce(0,25.0);//distance range 0, bullet impact force 25
FirePointRange(1,700.0 *0.01);//distance range 1, impact point 700 bullet flight distance attenuation factor 0.01
FirePointDamage(1,159.0);//distance segment 1, effective kill value 159
FirePointForce(1,25.0); //distance section 1, bullet impact force 25
FirePointRange(2,2500.0*0.01);//distance range 2, impact point 2500 bullet flight distance attenuation factor 0.01
FirePointDamage(2,79.5);//distance segment 2, effective kill value 79.5
FirePointForce(2,12.5);//distance section 2, bullet impact force 12.5
FirePointRange(3,10000.0*0.01);//distance range 3, impact point 10000 bullet flight distance attenuation factor 0.01
FirePointDamage(3,39.75);//distance segment 3, effective kill value 39.75
FirePointForce(3,6.25); //distance section 3, bullet impact force 6.25
Color(Color_Blue);//(Game Settings) Item quality
GenType(GenType_Firearm);//Regular type (compared to special type)
ShotTailDelay(0.3);//Shooting butt delay
AchType(AchType_Pistol);//Prototype type (using ordinary pistol as the prototype)
NameGender(0);//Gender name (for male or female soldiers?)
PriceMult(1.1);//Price multiplier

File path two…Dying LightDWData3.pakdatascriptsinventoryinventory.scr

//Small bullet entity (can be equipped with finished products)

Item(“Ammo_PistolSmall”, CategoryType_Ammo)
//Big bullet entity (finished product can be equipped)

Item(“Ammo_PistolBig”, CategoryType_Ammo)
BulletId(“Bullet_Explosive”); //******
//Bullet characteristics (shop sale)

Item(“Ammo_PistolExplosive”, CategoryType_Ammo) //******
//Bullet enchantment (additional element damage, key code group, need to be added completely, red can be changed to other element attributes later)

Item(“Bullet_Explosive”, CategoryType_Ammo) //******
Elemental(Elemental_Explosive, 2); //******
Postscript: The above method only needs to be defined once, and then you can change the gun (except for the bullet, and everything else remains the same), and then just change the enchantment attribute.

You can also add various attributes to a certain type of firearm. For example: I add explosion damage to all revolvers;

Add freezing damage to all small pistols. You can change as far as you think.

Additional element file path
Additional element file path (need to attach: what kind of element damage, damage intensity, damage range, duration, etc.)

…Dying LightDWData3.pakdatascriptscraftingcrafting_elementals.scr

Here is a list of all element damage attributes in the game, just replace the red code in the above code (that is, replace the bullet ID):

Bullet_ShockElectricity //Electricity
Bullet_Impact Electricity // Electric shock
Bullet_Poison // Poisoning
Bullet_Burning // Burning
Bullet_Bleeding //Bleeding
Bullet_Freezing // Frozen
Bullet_Acid //Acid etching
Bullet_Sonic //Sonic
Bullet_Explosive //Explosion
Bullet_Weakness // Weakness
Bullet_AcidBurning // Burning acid
Bullet_Water // What is water? (During development, some codes did not write parameters, don’t believe it, see for yourself)


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