Dungeons The Dark Lord game cheats

Dungeons The Dark Lord game cheats

Dungeons The Dark Lord game cheats:

  1. Preparation:

Edit the config.cfg file with Notepad, the file is located in (the default is a hidden file):

WIN 7, Vista users: C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\Kalypso Media\Dungeons-The Dark Lord\config.cfg

WIN XP users: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Kalypso Media\Dungeons-The Dark Lord\config.cfg

add a line after:

Development.Enabled = true

save, then re-enter the game

2. Call out the console

Enter con! in the game to activate the console, then press [F1] to call out the console, enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect [Note]

The following two cheats may only apply to v1.0 or below, and are case sensitive.

Cheats effect
ISee(1) Show map (0 means off, the same below)
ShowFPS(1) Show FPS

Three, more cheats

Find the init.py file in the data folder of the game directory, you can edit it with Notepad, and add the following content at the back:

Def CG(gold = 1000000):

Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetGold(“+str(gold)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

Def CSE(se = 1000000):

Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetSoulEnergy(“+str(se)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

Def CP(p = 1000000):

Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetPrestige(“+str(p)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

Def CSP(sp = 300):

Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetSkillPoints(“+str(sp)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

Def CAP(ap = 1000):

Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetAttributePoints(“+str(ap)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

Enter the following cheats in the console to get the corresponding effect (case sensitive):

Cheats effect
CG () + 1 1000000 gold coins
CSE () + 1 1000000 soul energy
CP () + 1 1000000 reputation
CSP () + 300 skill points
CAP () + 1000 attribute points

[Note] Another way to call out the console is to enter con! in the game and press [Shift] + [F1] to call out the console.

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